Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The more a man thinks the better adapted he becomes to thinking, and education is nothing if it is not the methodical.

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The predominance of sports in schools, in the national life, in the press, not only crowds out what is or should be more important, but it creates an atmosphere in which these important things are made to appear superfluous, or thiinking even described in extremely disrespectful slang.

But it costs a white man an effort amounting to genius to think away the fallacy of anniversaries. Of course, our likes and dislikes are of the same order with the images corresponding to them, and it would be tedious to dwell at any length on the subject.

They account for the unexpected. The suspicion that to compel young American citizens to go through an entirely useless routine is absurd and even immoral is not far. Nicholas Costaras rated it it was amazing Aug 16, I once took a foreign visitor to the house of a friend of mine where social improvement was the business of the salon.

Our boys have mature brows but narrow chests; yours have broad shoulders but childish expressions. Thousands fortunately took it as a novelty and were enthusiastic in consequence. Several months are supposed to be necessary to master the first three declensions; then a long rest is given to the student as if to prepare him for a final and much arf spurt; then the last two declensions abbe tackled or, I rimnet say, played with.


The only difference they see between the latter and themselves is accidental and likely to be effaced in an instant: We have an idea that thought—as diamonds are wrongly-supposed to do—can exist in a pure state, and is elaborated without images. Have I not heard a little girl of nine interrupt a conversation of professors who were talking about nothing to ask the astounding question: Had Freud and Adler done nothing else but reveal the existence of such complexes and popularize the belief that proper treatment can dissolve them, their influence ought to be regarded as beneficial.

Possibility of an art of thinking Part Two: Paul now develop superb bodies, a capacity for fending for themselves, a passion for camp-life and an independent spirit to which the instinct for cooperation adds rather than detracts. You may not be as interested in writing, as I am in reading it.

Do not imagine that I am reproaching you.

How can we be sure that there are any? The thinker is preeminently a man who sees where others do not. It is sufficient that some purpose or desire, foreign to the thought or possibility of thought we are pursuing, should step in to arrest the process of effective thinking.

thinkong A tradition of culture handed down through many centuries clings to these grey walls, but the very sight of the cramped courtyards shut in between tall houses betrays a disregard, nay a complete ignorance, of bodily requirements. This being the fact, it is difficult to resist the conclusion that education is not the Art of Thinking it ought to be.

Abstractions, being the product of images, inevitably recall them. As for our estimate of our own mental elasticity, it is a matter of mere honesty requiring only the simplest investigation.

There is no evil spell here, but only clocks, calendars, and A. Should they glimpse the fact that Christ and the saints did not conform, they will pretty soon be made to realize that Christ and the saints are in a world apart, and good little children ought to be satisfied with doing what they are told to do.


The art of thinking ( edition) | Open Library

Khadija Elmasry rated it liked it Sep 19, The memory th this one actually made me fidget in my chair, and I had to make an effort to think of something else. Thought can indeed be called divine, for it is creative. How many are brave enough not to join in with an “oh!

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Is this a real intuition?

The art of thinking

Here is no attitudinizing; gregariousness in all its degrees makes individual thinking, viz. If we will indulge in a little introspection we shall find that our mind is peopled with more incipient obsessions than ideas, and that their presence is largely the cause of our impotency. The act of writing itself is productive of phantasms and is dangerous for the legitimate production of thought. Comprehension is criticism and criticism or judgment is a mere synonym for thought.

Anybody who does it need not be a genius. He is far inferior, in cultural respect, to the Americans of eighty years ago. All children under nine or ten years of age are poets and philosophers. This genius, every time he was compelled to write, relapsed into the state of mind in which he used to be, years before, when going through examinations at the Sorbonne.