Im newbie. I buy AD as like at the picture. Im try to connect AD to my UNO: ***. Using digital pins 8 through 11, proto shield installed. 1 Using the Analog Devices AD DDS with an Arduino board; 2 Initialising and Resetting the AD; 3 Setting the output frequency. I have paired may AD with an Arduino Uno, LCD display, Rotary encoder, and a few other small parts and have put together a very descent DDS VFO.

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Using the existing two switches and adding an I2C DAC to make the sweep voltage it should be possible to program into the existing setup a menu for VFO and another menu for Wob. I put a trimpot from 5v to ground and connected the slider to A1; then used the analog voltage at A1 to adjust the Ref Clock with this simple change: If you build something from my design please send me a picture or a video of your creation. Therefore, I’ve limited the available frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 MHz in the software.

Many people have taken my DDS project and expanded on it by learning how to program the arduino. I am not able to address these 3 errors.


Someone else had similar issues and had to modify the code and the ISR interrupts to get it to work. Anyone know how to stop this from happening? Built up you system and loaded your sketch.

AD9850 Arduino

Thank you for your source code. To get the AD working in my sketch you should only need to replace one line. Thanks for all your time and hard work. Pushing the encoder’s button – connected to A4 – resets the step to 1 Hz. I am trying to make some changes in order to add some other functions and a sort of menu.

AD + Arduino Uno (ProblemPlease Help)

My website has the working version of the code. Using the sketch with IF. I will be grateful for your help in coding for the above problem statement. If you watch my 2nd video of the AD on Youtube you can see that the lower in Hertz you go… the more powerful the sine wave output. There is no error. Another important function i wondering is auto saved last frequency used, so in case we turning the controller off, the last dial should still remain in previous setting.

Thanks for such a nice comprehensive site.

I did consider removing the pot and using a panel-mounted one instead but I decided against it for this simple project. I am and my friend is working with this, so, i will updating the updated sketch here for everyone use. This may help others to use the different DDS boards out there and the pin markings on the different boards are compared here: On the Mega use the attachInterrupt function in the arduimo part of the program. Thanks for the nice code for a VFO.


May I suggest you check that the Rotary library shows as one of the libraries in the Arduino Sketch software. If there are any questions please just ask.

Could you please help me with ardino The AD is very much plug-n-plug with only a slight change in the clock divider code. Tnx for ur help and the code.

Arduino tehNiq: Signal generator with AD and Arduino

This sounds to be very useful for my project. Tnx for the code again!! I will use a relay in the transceivers PTT circuit to operate the A5 switching.

Adjust the IF shift with this line: