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Muawiyah I

Muslim conquest of the Levant. He personally saw to the comfort and the equipment of the troops, increased their pay and paid them on a regular basis when they were on duty. Once an Arab seated at the end of the room did not hesitate to pull to himself a plate which had been placed in front of Muawiya. On one occasion, Mu’awiya ascended the minbar and praised Allah. Men Around the Messenger. I said, “Yes indeed, by my father and mother! And you will not be asked of what they used to do” Al-Baqarah 2: Muawiya’s wife Maysum Yazid’s mother was also a Jacobite Christian.

Muawiyah’s armies used “Minjenique” muaeiya to propel large stones onto enemy ramparts.

Muawiyah governed the geographically and politically disparate caliphate, which now spread from north Africa in the west to Afghanistan in the east, by strengthening the power of his allies in the newly conquered territories. Umar also introduced child benefit and pensions for the children and the elderly. As the governor of Syria, his greatest achievement was the formation of Islamic Marine and the victory of Qabras Cyprus.

Be careful not to confront him except in a good way. Amr bin al-Hamiq killed in Mosul, Iraq by governor Ziyad.

They shall receive the reward of what they earned and you of what you earned. Discontent makes life grim. Umayyad invasions of Anatolia and Constantinople. Muawiyah along with Adbullah ibn Sa’d the new governor of Egypt successfully persuaded Uthman to give them permission to construct a large fleet in the dockyards of Egypt and Syria. According to a claim by a sunni source, Muawiyah warned Yazid against mistreating Husayn ibn Ali.


The first real naval engagement between the Muslim and the Byzantine navy was the so-called Battle of the Masts Dhat al-sawari or Battle of Phoenix off the Lycian coast in Under the instructions of the caliph Uthman ibn al-Affan, Muawiyah then prepared for the siege of Constantinople. Administrative Development An Islamic Perspective. Muawiya was welcome to his subjects at every hour of the day, including mealtimes. This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry.

Eighty thousand Rumi were killed in that war. Some of these are to order to do good, fulfilling promises, love for rituals of Allah, muaaiya of problems and their solutions, taking benefit from experience of others, respect of advice, generosity and doing good for the dependents.

Ismail K Poonawala Do you need muawiha Do not harm him, yet show him the thunder and lightning [of your anger]. He also paid a lot of attention to the economy and agriculture; [77] this allowed him to finance his expeditions. Women, Islam, and Abbasid Identity. Muhammad bin Seereen said, “When Muawiyah was on the brink of death, muuawiya began to mark out the floor.

Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiya

maeer The Greek historian Theophanus does not muawiyx Muawiyah a king or an emperor, but rather a ‘primus inter pares’, or in Greek, a protosymboulos”a first among equals”, in the midst of his ‘symboulioi’. It was a collection preserving everything for future generations to codify and for future generations to judge if it was true or false.


Iran and America Rekindling a Love Lost. Philip Khuri Hitti The signs of his nobility and determination were visible from his early childhood.

Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiya

Umayyad Arabs and their commander “Mo-yi” Chinese: Hashim, Muttalib, Nawfal, and Abdu Shams. InUmayyad naval and army forces under the command of Muawiyah’s son, Yazid ibn Muawiyah[47] laid siege to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople[48] but were defeated when the Byzantines introduced Greek fire to the naval battlefield.

Because of Muawiyah’s families previous opposition to the Muslims, before they converted to Islam, there was still some level of resentment towards him.

He also had the faculty of winning over and retaining people he distrusted like Amr ibn al As. Even the most stubborn of opponents would often melt under his generosity muaeiya diplomacy.

Marwan also wanted Yazid to be the caliph so that he could run things behind the scenes, as he would become the senior member of the Umayyad clan after Muawiyah’s death. At the time, Mu’awiyah already controlled Syria and Egypt, and with the largest force in the Muslim realm, he laid the strongest claim on the caliphate.

Because of this, Mu’awiyah saw Ali as an accomplice and did not want to acknowledge Ali’s rule. The people did not appoint Muawiyah as a caliph, he became one by force, and consequently the people had no choice but muawjya give him their pledge of allegiance bay’ah.