The Dolphins of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern) [Anne McCaffrey] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider. Anne McCaffrey And Readis must win his parents’ consent to his association with the ‘sea dragons of Pern’ – the bottlenose dolphins. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider, re-establish crucial contact with the wise dolphins, the legendary “shipfish” of Pern.

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I am copying to here because the conversation thread is too interesting to lose. The young female characters of Pern, with a few exceptions, are good natured and charismatic.

Dolphins of Pern

I think that most fans of the series can embrace the difference, secure in the mccafffrey that our dragons will return. It is a beautiful story full of so many different events. The plot focuses primarily on two young characters and chronicles the birth of the Dolphincrafthall and its first Dolphineer. Dragonriders of Pern video game Dragonriders: Forbidden by his mother to have anything to do with the dolphins–and stop me if you’ve heard this one before–Readis runs away from home to live Holdless in a cave by the sea, where he spends his time swimming with and caring for a pod of dolphins.

Feb 08, Jennifer rated it liked it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Dec 29, Aishuu rated it it was ok Shelves: I’m a huge Pern fan Four turns pass, and Project Overkill succeeds in altering the orbit of the Red Star. And there are throngs of readers who never liked McCaffrey in the first place, or who have given up on the Dplphins books mccaffrwy disgust, and they won’t get within 50 feet of The Dolphins of Pernno matter what anyone says.


Readis is not in a similar position, he has heaps of other acquaintance, teachers, dragon rider contacts ect.

Anne McCaffrey: The Dolphins of Pern

That’s pretty dokphins it! By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough success with short stories to devote full time to writing.

Instead of more thread flying, we are treated to a lesson perb Pern’s past. They hastily make their way to Landing, where AIVAS confirms that Tana is correct, having used their sonar to detect the changes inside Mirrim’s body a rhe technique that was used by their ancestors. On a school trip to Honshu WeyrholdReadis ends up talking with F’lessan about his future, F’lessan suggesting he pursue his interest in dolphins and perhaps even establish a Crafthall like Masters Benelek Computer Craft or Hamian Plastic Craft.

Nonetheless, overall enjoyable read, and we get to see some of the post Weyrs of Pern world, which is fleshed out further in Skies of Pern. T’gellan and Mirrim’s opinion of dolphins and T’lion is greatly improved, as Mirrim had previously miscarried twice due to going between while unknowingly pregnant. Strangely Aramina and Jayge to a degree become overly controlling parents and are annoying to the reader while being the driving reason to give Readis his motivation throughout the story – I think the author could have done better there.

Mccatfrey was obviously shooting for pathos here; unfortunately the effect is ludicrous, especially after the third or fourth adult, and I giggled through it. To help the muscles remain strong, he is to exercise by swimming. Oh I guess I’ll try it; and you buy it for a buck fifty. mccaffrry

T’lion, the young Eastern Weyr dragonrider of Bronze Gadareth, also develops an interest after being involved in an early dolphin encounter. Him going off to live in a cave is unconvincing and it feels contrived. Paradise River is one such area affected, and Readis gets T’lion to escort him there so he can check on his family. Paperbackpages.


She guides him to a place where two ships are anchored, carrying an assortment of Craftsmen, Dragonriders and Holders – including his family.

Reviewed in October hardcover edition. McCaffrey has a problem with using “down river” when it should be “UP river away from the sea.

The Dolphins of Pern (Pern, #13) by Anne McCaffrey

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Learning that Dragons enjoy the company of Dolphins and the benefits that Anns can bring to Pern. No dividing line, no gradual drop off in quality, just one book that’s great, and the next book isn’t worth reading.

Return to Book Page. From the Paperback edition. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Highly recommended for those who have read any of the Pern novels.

It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the two series The Ship Who Sang dolohins the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders of Pern that Ms. Over time, man forgot. Want to Read saving…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He’s the first person in hundreds of years “turns” to realize that they can talk.

doolphins My response cannot be only because I jumped in at Book This was easily the most boring Pern book I have ever read in my life.