View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB user manual online. Digi Remote I/O Concentrator. AnywhereUSB Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB/5 installation manual online. REMOTE I/ O CONCENTRATOR. AnywhereUSB/5 Switch pdf manual download. AnywhereUSB User Manual ( Rev. J). 3. Digi Contact Information. Product information is available on the Digi website, , including.

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It also displays memory statistics, CPU utilization, and how long the unit has been running since the last power-on or reboot.

This Multi String value contains a list of devices that the AnywhereUSB will enumerate all other devices will show as “unknown device. Red—Firmware is being updated.

Administration Administration tasks need to be performed on the AnywhereUSB such as file management, changing the password used for logging onto the device, backing up and restoring device configurations, updating firmware and POST code, restoring the device configuration to factory defaults, and rebooting the device. An advantage of a serverinitiated connection is that the connection is only established when it is needed – this minimizes the overhead of maintaining a connection.

If you would like AnywhereUSB Information to be displayed in the discovery window of the configuration utility, you can add the address of the firewall into the Discovery List.


Support of port profiles varies by product. Note that None has the same effect as selecting TCP. This checkbox enables or disables use of SNMP.


Configuration The configuration section of the web interface consists of sub-menus that are specific to the particular model of the AnywhereUSB unit being configured. As with device configuration and monitoring, it covers performing administrative tasks through a variety of device interfaces. Red—Firmware is being updated. When using serial ports for the terminal emulator’s host or keyboard connections, those ports must be configured for the Manhal port profile.

Preferences Allows you to disable or modify the frequency in which the utility updates its discovered concentrator list. Download your driver according to your operating system. The default is public.


This device description can be useful for identifying a specific AnywhereUSB when working with a large number of devices in multiple locations. The ‘Disconnect’ button should only be used for troubleshooting purposes, i. Power-supplies are NOT interchangeable; use only the power supply provided with the unit.

These configuration options may include: Enter and IP address manually. DO NOT close the browser until the update is complete and a reboot prompt has been displayed.

Reboot 29 Command Menu: All of the port options anydhereusb available in the custom profile. If enabled, an idle connection will be ended after the specified amount of time. A confirmation dialog is displayed: Specifies the keep-alive interval to specify for packets received and packets transmitted. An advantage of the client-initiated connection is that it can be used on any network, whether the client device has a public or private IP address – as long as the Connectware Manager server is accessible on that network.


Advanced Settings These settings are used in advanced situations and the defaults are typically suitable for most environments.


Web UI 29 View Menu: Due to the limited available power for bus-powered hubs, cascading two bus-powered hubs is an mmanual topology, and devices connected to the second hub will not function.

Changing public and private community names is recommended to prevent unauthorized access to the device. Enter the desired IP address and click Add.

The screen will refresh within a few seconds. Use this to gather information for Technical Support. Network Interface Features Standards: The Connectware Manager server allows devices to be configured and managed from remote locations.