APTRANSCO/APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers | Indian Shout. Like. 0. Home. About. Contact us. Here we are providing you the APTRANSCO/APGENCO Questions with Answers .These questions were collected from previous. APTRANSCO-APGENCO QUESTION PAPERS HI FRIENDS I HAVE COLLECTED THE QUESTIONS ASKED IN PREVIOUS APTRANSCO.

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Flue gases coming out from furnace is first going through a Turbine b Economizer c Air pre-heater d Chimney Ans: Lag net work Plz send to me genco and Transco civil previousprevious papers.

Download Last 10 Year APTRANSCO AE Previous Papers PDF

For SR latch whent the out put is undesirable a 0, 0 b 1, 0 c 0, 1 d 1, 1 Ans: The phase lead compensation is used to a Increase rise time and decrease overshoot b Decrease both rise time and overshoot c Increase both rise time and overshoot d Decrease rise time and increase overshoot Ans: Find Z11 and Z Did any one of you really receive the papers to you mail IDs?

When Alternator excitation increases and machine is operating at lagging power factor then a I increase b I decreases c No effect on current d None Ans: For a single-phase a.

Heat convection, radiation, and conduction all are takes place aptrqnsco a Ice b Boiler c Refrigerator d Flue gases in pipe Ans: Harmonics are eliminated by using a Skewing of rotor b Distribution winding c Short pitch winding d All of the above Ans: Get my banner code Make flash banner. Long lines only 2. Total stator losses are 1 KW.


APTRANSCO/APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers

All of the above Transient stability can be improved by a By putting series capacitor b By using dynamic resister c Auto re-closers d All apfransco the above Ans: Moving coil in dynamometer wattmeter connected a In series with fixed coil b Across supply c In series with load d Across load Ans: Field flux production Hope will reply soon.

Because i hope that those paper may help to me for preparing well for exam. Good morning sir, please send to mail for the all previous year question papers of transco and genco. Which is the most suitable power device for high frequency more kHz switching application?

In Gauss Seidel method the following factors are influenced for operation a Acceleration factor b Selection of slack buss c Both atransco None Ans: In an induction machine, if the air gap increased a Speed will be reduced eoectrical Efficiency will be improved c Power factor will be lowered d Breakdown torque will be reduced Ans: Practical method of improving string efficiency a Increasing crass arms length b Using different size of insulators c Using different insulator materials fog Using of guard rings Ans: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Find Vab a Zero b 50 at an angle of 90 deg c 50 at an angle of 90 electricwl d None Ans: When sine wave is given as input to Schmitt trigger then its generates a Sine wave b Saw tooth wave c Triangle wave d Square wave Ans: Vab is reference then angle between Vab and Ib is a deg b deg c deg d deg Ans: Newer Post Older Post Home.

APTRANSCO AE Question Paper and Answer Key Released – Electrical, Civil Engineering

Linkbar Home careers blogs Apcpdcl. When V dc shunt machine generating the voltage at rated value.

Mofel electrical previous papersap genco electrical sub engineers key paperap transcoelectrical previous paperstranscotransco previous question papertrascno electrical. Share this on WhatsApp.

No build up of voltage The following element retains it energy after source is disconnected a Resister b Inductor c Capacitor d Thermistor Ans: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Good evening sir, Plz send me the link for previous years genco and transco question papers.