Operating manual for remote control unit VR 90 _ 2. 1 Notes on the of the auroMATIC and VRC modular bus con-. Installation instructions Mixer module VR 60 _ 2. Contents. 1. Notes on the documentation. . of the auroMATIC or VRC controllers and. Find great deals for Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 . Shop with Picture 1 of 4; Picture 2 of 4; Picture 3 of 4; Picture 4 of 4.

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The 6200 system can be used to combine up to six heaters to form a cascade. See the VPM W manual. Take the housing cover off its hinge and remove it. Indication of actual operating condition and solar performance on graphical display with backlight. Depending on the type of fuel, heating output and means of supplying the combustion air and removing the flue gases, a dedicated boiler room may be required or installation in living rooms may even be possible.

This type of control is performed at a fixed inlet temperature regardless of the required room temperature and outside temperature.

Reliable operation is only possible if the audomatic only rarely needs to move to the “open” stop, thus ensuring a better quality of control.

Configuring the solar pumps You configure the solar pumps in this menu. You can programme time windows for heating up the contents of the cylinder.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 | eBay

That is to say, the controller can control a maximum of 14 circuits. The cylinder frost protection is ineffective if a contact at the cylinder sensor input is activated R 0 Ohm — R infinite. Heating systems with low operating audomatic such as, e. The circulation pump is not operating.


VPM W domestic water heater The domestic water heater produces hot water on demand. There is a full sequence of displays for the timer programmes; these are identified by 3 at the top right of the display.

In the default setting, we have pre-set a proportional band of 12 K, i. The set value merely represents the maximum period of auromatif desired by the customer. In both cases it is stored temporarily in a solar cylinder or a buffer cylinder so that the heat is also then available when the sun is not shining directly. Hot water priority The hot water priority switch is only active if the DHW cylinder in hydraulic plans is connected directly to the priority switching valve or the charging auromqtic for the boiler.

Off Test mode In test mode you can test and actuate every single sensor, each pump and each mixer per heating circuit separately.

Switching off the automatic changeover is not possible in this case. HK1, domestic hot water, circulation pump. The DCF receiver with integrated external sensor may only be opened by a qualified tradesman and installed in accordance with the illustrations. Therefore the value for the setting difference is automatically adjusted when 1 K is exceeded. Due to the configuration, only those values and parameters which are relevant to the selected type of use for the heating circuit are displayed.

The changed hour is saved. Less sunlight falls on the collectors when it is cloudy. The frost protection delay time can be extended for houses with good thermal insulation. Time controllers are used to conserve energy. Target room temperature Set the target room temperature only as high as would be necessary for your comfort level.


auroMATIC |

Aurkmatic heats water on the continuous flow principle by transferring the heat from the buffer to the drinking water using a plate heat exchanger. You can view the system-specific parameters in the Installer level again at any time. Error messages and causes Further error codes and descriptions of their causes can be found in the manuals for the components of your heating installation.

The controller is equipped with a graphic display. The connector strips are implemented in System ProE technology.

auroMATIC 620

If the temperature at TD2 falls 8 K below the feed target value of the fresh water station and the solar pump unit sends a message via the eBUS to the effect that the temperature can reach the required flow temperature, then the volume is first charged by the solar pump unit.

HK1 Timer programmes Mon-Fri. Connected cylinder charging circuits aromatic circulation pump circuits are automatically switched to the Off mode during the holiday time program. Ajromatic charging deactivated One-time charging: Factory setting for the timer programmes: The parameters for each heating circuit are set in Menu C2.

The dispaly shows the system status.

HK15 C2 Parameters Type: