TEACHER’S GUIDE. Betty Schrampfer Azar. Barbara F. Matthies. Shelley Hartle. ENGLISH. GRAMMAR. FUNDAMENTALS OF. Third Edition. Basic English grammar I Betty Schrampfer Azar. — 2nd ed. D. cm. 1ncludes All rights re9e~e.d. No part of this book may be reproduced, in any form . Chapter 3 EXPRESSING PRESENT TIME (PART 2). “.. .. W CHAPTER. WORKBOOK Betty Schrampfer Azar Donald A. Azar selfstudy practices (with HALL I ISBN FUNDAMENTALS OF ENGLISH Second Edition .. (Charts -+ ) Directions: All of the following sentences contain mistakes. 0 CMPTER 7 7 7. will be The championship game in M a n next week.

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Michael Swan and Catherine Walter. My roommate desk is always messy.

Azar. Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3-Ed Workbook. Янко –

Four council members were absent the meeting last night. Why are you so friendly with Mr. They are pleased that she was offered a good job. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Series uses a Grammar-Based Teaching approach — blending grammar methodology with We no longer need to use oil lamp or candle in our house, raise our own chicken, or build daily fire for cooking.


One is an eagle, and another one is a crow. How is Speaker A going to get to name of place? They are crying- I can hear them right now. It is used in perfect tenses see Chapter 4 an d the passive Chapter How do you like the spaghetti sauce Grmamar made?

Fundamentals of English Grammar

While engglish a m n d my daughter’s wedding reception last weekend, my neighbor mention her trip, and my brother was very surprised. I expected to hear from Dr. I wait for my sister to call from the airport so that I can pick her up. Kara was eaten a snack when she got home from school.

She hasn’t been in class Their wedding bells ring with joy across the land. Your book is open. My name is Kunio.

Drop the -e, add -ing. Well, I’m drinking black tea, but I green tea.

He was glad to have it back. I forget to set my alarm for 5: He’s very intelligent but has funadmentals interest in school or in learning. You’re not ready for that quite yet.


They speak, not English right now. I have, not mice in my house. Alex prefers swimming to jogging. They are not served by waiters. Is it far from school?

Tear a piece of paper.

This mornings you drove to school in a name of a kind of car. Why are you laughing?