Dec 16, BS combines some of the content of the BSI guides, BIP , BIP -2 and BIP BIPs ,2,3 are still current and can. In order to answer these questions, the British Standard (BIP ) came into published in by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and in an effort to. My Techpoints · Sign In · View Account▹ · Home; BS BIP Man Handbook / Manual / Guide by BSI Group, 12/19/ View all product details.

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BIP 0008 British Code for Legal Admissibility and Record Retention

Image Processing Image processing is a post-scanning technique to improve the quality of a scanned document. The Code provides as much guidance as possible that scanned images can be legally accepted as evidence to the courts.

Under the Companies Act however, Companies House can also provide a certified copy of a document. This copy is then admissible in evidence as of equal validity with the original document. The Code contains an annex mapping the content of the records management International Standard to the Code of Practice. The policy should set out in as much detail as necessary the variety of documents that will be presented for storage, for example: An ISO Standard for long term archiving.

These procedures should include methods of checking the accuracy of the index records created. The Civil Evidence Act shifted the argument from legal admissibility to evidential weight or value. X Find out what cookies we use and how to disable them.

The Law Society provides direction for law firms. Use of PDF 1. Material which has been digitised from analogue form such as a scanned copy of a document, faxed document. Automatically and efficiently syncs with your local computer and eFileCabinet online. Process and procedures under which systems must be operated.


When a client requests information, you are able to preview, search and share files in a snap, no matter where you are. These processes can include de-skewing, de-speckling, background clean-up, border, “noise” and forms removal.

Legal Admissibility – Document Management, Imaging, Scanning

If documents are kept for, say, seven years, then it is likely that you will need to keep audit information for at least seven years also. This website combines a number of guidelines and good practices from regulatory bodies. Electronic document images produced at Companies House are scanned, bi, stored and made available for electronic access as TIF biip. Any image processing should be identified in the system user manual. This might occur routinely, as part of the organisations’ retention policy, or exceptionally as a result of legal or regulatory requirements.

This separation of administrative roles should be able to be mirrored in the logical access controls within the EDMS.

Find out what evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic evidence is and sbi BS is good for business. Compression Techniques Systems storing scanned images normally use compression algorithms to reduce file sizes so that storage requirements are reduced and system performance improved.

What are the benefits of BS ? BIP concludes with audit requirements, planning and procedures, as well as preventive and corrective actions and continual improvement. Document retention, audit-tracking, and role-based security are essential for compliance and are standard features with eFileCabinet Online.

This code seeks to define operational procedures which comply with good practice in the field of electronic document communications. Our knowledge can transform your organization. By continuing to access the site you are agreeing to their use. De-speckling, for instance, carries a high risk of removing punctuation or decimal points. BIP was previously known as PD A person is required to keep some original documents. Note that a WORM ‘write-once, read-many’ storage medium could make this operation difficult.


It makes it easier to prove the authenticity of documents, by producing the original or a copy, irrespective of the number of removes between the original and the copy and irrespective of 00008 or not the document is bp paper one or an electronic one. Business Procedures and Processes An organisation should have documented operating procedures a user manual for each of the information management systems it runs.

This information should include as a minimum: Get independent assessment and certification to demonstrate that you apply the BS standard to the way you manage your electronic information. This Workbook consists of a series of questions, each of hsi needs to be reviewed bei answered.

Where sbi can be placed on the information, the evidential weight may be reduced, potentially harming the legal case.

Representation of Information i. A document that has been digitally signed cannot be altered without invalidating the signature.

With high levels of electronic management systems being implemented, awareness of the evidential weight of electronic documents is crucial should a dispute arise. Compliance with BIP will ensure that the organisation manages its information according to best practice, thereby maximising the chance of electronic records being satisfactorily authenticated.

This Act resolved many of the outstanding legal difficulties that had arisen through the use of computers for information storage. System and Data Integrity The system should provide an environment in which the integrity of the data is preserved, including the transfer of data between the EDMS software and the storage medium.