1 Source ANIA – L’assicurazione italiana nel , page , with some companies as anticipated by the related CCNL (National. CCNL: the National Collective Labour Contracts stipulated by ANIA and the trade union associations most . /, by Law 69/ and by. Symbol, CCNL1, contributors: mct/pgu – updated: cyclin L ania-6a. cyclin L gamma. Synonym symbol(s), BM, CCNL, PRO, ania-6a.

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Along the same line, on 26 AugustIVASS and the Bank of Italy published a joint letter addressed to the insurance market including banks and financial intermediaries calling on them to adopt new measures so that customers purchasing insurance policies paired with mortgages and other loans payment protection insurance could be better informed and protected.

Explore our content Close. The Government Ccnl Review. Third parties are not usually privy to the insurance contract, and have no right to make a claim and enforce it in a court of justice. Then, IVASS provided for imposed administrative fines and the application of disciplinary sanctions in respect of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries and the rules of functioning for the Guarantee Committee supervising the sanction proceedings.

Such insurance is provided through the National Federation of the Hunters; and b the obligation to pay a small premium to the Italian Gas Committee for the policy it annually draws up against the risks arising from the use ccbl abuse of the gas distributed via networks or pipelines by the different national public aniia companies regardless of whether they are publicly or privately owned.

The lobbying costs declared by this 22012 are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared. In the first case, whenever the insurer prepares policy wordings or forms designed to uniformly regulate a number of contractual relationships principally with non-professionals, the basic rule is to interpret contra proferentem i. Once notified of such claim, the liability insurer can decide to defend the third-party claim on behalf of the insured.

It is also refused if no proof is given that the share 2021 or guarantee fund has been fully paid up, or that the organisation fund is actually and immediately available to the company.


Lobbyists with EP accreditation: Despite this positive environment, the negative trend of motor premiums may negatively influence the whole non-life sector.

The proper service of the writ of summons imposes a term of 90 days between the date of service and the first hearing.

Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA)

Solvency II is based on three pillars:. The Product Regulation and Liability Review. The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review. However, the Supreme Court did not provided clear directions about the criteria that should support ccjl validity test.

Should one or both parties disagree with the court-appointed expert, the latter might be called to the hearing to answer questions or to draft a supplement of report; this further report usually 202 the discovery phase. The Banking Litigation Law Review.

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review. From that date, two terms start to run: Finally, an obligation to take out an insurance contract can be found in some National Collective Contracts of Work CCNL stipulated between the trade unions, representing the employees, and the Industrial Association, representing all their members who will adopt the negotiated CCNL for the specific industry.

Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA) | LobbyFacts Database

In order to be as user-friendly as possible, each chapter follows the same format — first providing an overview of the key framework for dealing with disputes, and then giving an update of recent developments in disputes. The overall time between the service of summons and the issuing of judgments decreased from 1, days in to inand further decreased in to days.

In Italy, the source of insurance and reinsurance law is statutory. On Arbitration Articles — IVASS should establish more focused supervisory controls upon life and non-life insurance companies to bring down insurance costs and, consequently, premiums.

The sole financial requirement is that the incorporating company or the new company resulting from the merger has the necessary solvency margin, taking into account the merger and the consolidated liabilities. The insurance market should benefit from both the national increase in the number of cyberattacks and the European General Data Protection Regulation GDPR implementation in May that will introduce a stringent requirement to prevent and then notify data breaches, imposing large fines for unprevented data breaches.


The Insurance Disputes Law Review.

Italy – The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

Head of international Relationship. If the judgment or arbitration award exceeds the policy limit, the defence costs are apportioned between the insurer and the insured according to their respective interests. Based on the Private Insurance Code, the RUI is divided into five sections as follows, and no intermediary may be recorded in more than one section:.

Alternative dispute resolution clauses, apart from contractual expertise clauses, do not feature in Italian insurance contracts. The insured or claimant must prove that the insured event occurred, the premium had been paid and the insurance contract existed; while the loss occurrence can be proved by witnesses or other means, the insurance and the premium payment shall be proved in writing. Informal arbitrations are, however, quite common in property and business interruption insurance.

The government, which originally also considered dissolving the Commission for the Supervision of Pension Funds COVIPthe regulator for pension funds, at the very last minute introduced an amendment to the Spending Review Decree and chose to keep COVIP, as its dissolution would not have reduced government expenditure. The Life Sciences Law Review. The President promotes and coordinates the activities of the Council, which is responsible for the overall administration of the institute.

Such clauses are not binding on a party that has not accepted them and signed twice in accordance with Article of the Civil Code.

The International Investigations Review. This trend will continue throughout because interest rates are at their lowest point in decades. Usually there are general conditions providing for all contracts falling within a specific class of business i.