1. St. Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox. G. K. Chesterton . tabloid manner, of the Dumb Ox of Sicily passes all digestive experiments in the matter of an ox in a. Title: St. Thomas Aquinas Author: G. K. Chesterton * A Project Gutenberg of . But to make a digest, in the tabloid manner, of the Dumb Ox of Sicily passes all. Saint Thomas Aquinas has ratings and reviews. booklady said: This is my second complete read of rton’s classic treatment of the “Ange.

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Released after a year, Thomas studied in Paris and Cologne. Although Aquinas had little knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, as a theologian he was unrivalled in intellectual power, capable of dictating to four secretaries at the same time. While reading I grew progressively frustrated that I was stubbornly pushing through the book. Chesterton’s Aquinas is a man of mystery.

Of course, Chesterton would have scoffed at calling this small book a biography in any case.

The ‘dumb ox’ who became the greatest of the medieval Doctors of the Church

I don’t think I’ve ever read any thing that combines brevity and challenging ideas like this book. Yes, I must recognize that I enjoyed the bits on the early life of St. The book discusses at some length what is known about St. Thomas is considered one of the greatest minds to have ever lived and his biographer, Chesterton, not a slacker himself when he puts pen to paper, the reader can expect to work for everything gleaned from this excellent biography—however much the author downplays the difficulty in all Thomistic writings and emphasizes the inadequacy of his own treatment.

St Thomas was capable of dictating to four secretaries xumb the same time. It sort of glared to me that Luther had not one virtue and Aquinas had not one flaw.

Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox – Chesterton, G.K.

Follow Us on Facebook. Thomas belonged—went largely downhill and very much against the spirit of St.

I own a copy of Summa Theologica, but it’s rather daunting, and I have to admit that I’ve never taken the time to delve into it. Good introductory reading for Aquinas before digging into a monster like the Summa. He said the Augustinians emphasized “the impotence of man before God, the omniscience of God about the destiny of man, oxx need for holy fear and the humiliation of intellectual pride, more than the opposite and corresponding truths of free will or human dignity or good works,” that “emphasizing the one was to flatly contradict the other.


As Albert the Great, Thomas’s teacher, predicted, the Dumb Ox has bellowed down the ages to our own day.

Chesterton’s writing is a wonder. The Dumb Ox – Chesterton, G. There is little else on earth that can compare with these for completeness.

Chesterton writes like a waterfall or a thunderstorm; he is grand and brilliant and he doesn’t take things chestertin. Maybe because of that and not knowing much about Aquinas, I could not really get engaged with the book. Feb 10, Tom LA rated it it was dumg. Thomas is considered one of the greatest minds to have ever lived and his biographer, Chesterton, not a slacker himself when he chestertln pen to paper, the rea This is my second complete read of G.

Francis, and, in the last few chapters, a broad but passionate look at St Thomas’ theology, its sublety, its power, and an attack on Martin Luther, who, among other things, burned the Summa Theologia.

Unfortunately, I find eumb rarely agreeing with him. Of course, he’s wrong, quite wrong, that Luther was against the use of the reason or will, but a bit closer to home when he says it was a matter of emphasis in many ways.

Though I haven’t finished Feser’s book yet I’m a little more than halfway throughI like his book much better than Chesterton’s. I must admit that I had high expectations of this book.

The saint always occupies the middle ground of common sense and the essence of Christianity, according to Chesterton. Also there is a surprising resemblance to Martin Luther.

Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Dumb Ox

Introduction 3 9 Aug 04, We meet a man who contrasts so with all the saints, all the history of the Church herself, that he fills all history with his hugeness. Existem obras que nos impactam profundamente. When I first looked at the book, Chesterton was giving a word picture of a medieval banquet in Paris, which in those days was in the midst of its Gothic building under the fervent eye of St. View the Study Pack. Chesterton is always a roller coaster chestertln to read.


Then it earned the praise of such distinguished writers as Etienne Gilson, Jacques Martain, and Anton Pegis as the best book ever written on the great thirteenth-century Dominican.

It’s confirms my belief that all such books should be written by intelligent laymen instead of academic specialists. He wrote over chestertoj essays, including 30 years worth of weekly columns for the Illustrated London News, and 13 years of weekly columns for the Daily News. I have reassessed many of my own notions regarding these philosophic ideas and, in fact, have clarified my own viewpoint concerning the role of the material world toward spiritual life.

You will get a great deal more out of this book if you have already read an encyclopedia articl I must admit that I had high expectations of this book.

The Dumb Ox Summary & Study Guide

In the face of the Manichees, of Plato, of all culture and irrationality and misused tradition; yes, even in the shadow of the great accidental determinist St. Chesterton has made me think clearly and in a new way in more than one place, and has made me smile in dozens; and he done so while teaching me about one of the greatest minds I’ve ever read and some others along the way.

They were a somewhat revolutionary movement in the 13th century, and many people did not have a great esteem for them, including St. That is not to say that the book wasn’t good, but it did mean that I will be reading another book to actually get a more linear biography of Aquinas’s life.