Condair CP3 Mini with Fan. CP3-PR Series with inbuilt fan for direct room applications, kg/hr. The ventilation FAN unit is used for direct room air. The CP3 is an electrode steam humidifier which represents the latest generation of proven electrode steam humidifiers. Using normal drinking. United Humidifiers – Offering Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about CAR HUMIDIFIER. Mini Humidifiers.

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Clean water filter, if available. The calculated steam capacity based on the above formulas, the h,x diagram and the condition of the air to be humidified does not consider any steam loss e. Drain pipe and siphon X Inspect, clean if necessary decalcify and rinse out.

Packaging Keep the original packaging of the Condair CP3mini for later use. Put steam cylinder down carefully to avoid damage to the lower connection piece! The switch is illuminated when the unit is running. Observe and comply with all local regulations dealing with water, steam and electrical installations.

Before fixing the water hoses to the connector using the hose clamps, align the hoses in a way that they are not twisted. Detailed information on the different settings are found in the following chapters. Status Addr No Conn. The admissible control condwir are stated in the technical data. It is easy to install, simple to use and provides accurate and responsive humidity control.


Language versions These operating instructions are available in various languages. Is the water system properly sealed? Maintenance Maximum operating hours of the steam Replace steam cylinder. The steam humidifier must be connected to the mains only after all mounting and installation work has been completed and the cover has been relocated properly.

Undo water supply and water drain pipe. If you have any questions regarding the calculation of the steam capacity please contact your Condair supplier. No Current Leakage in the water system. Find your local Condair distributor. Start manual draining see chapter 4. The LED flashes in case of a temporary malfunction of the unit Warning conddair.

Phase failure heating voltage. Inlet valve blocked xp3 defective. Product Description The Condair CP3 electrode boiler steam humidifier is an economic yet dependable solution for steam humidification.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt |

For more information on JS Humidifiers. Check whether the front panel is mounted and fixed with the screw. Replace the backup battery CR, Lithium 3V. Remove the plugs from the electrodes and from the level sensor.


If the unit is opened immediately after having produced steam there is danger of burning when touching the steam cylinder. Set the Condair CP3mini out of operation as described in chapter 4. Water supply The water supply is to be carried out according to the figure found in chapter 5. If necessary change radio address.

This relay is activated if an error is present. The inlet valve opens slight delay and the steam cylinder fills with water. Never dispose of the packaging to the environment. Make sure, therefore, that the construction wall, pillar, etc.

Condair CP3 Mini low capacity steam humidifier

Violation of copyright terms is subject to legal prosecution and arises liability for indemnification. PI controller input signal from A1 20 — System 2: These operating instructions are restricted to the commissioning, operation, servicing and trouble shooting of the steam humidifier Condair CP3mini and is meant for well trained personnel being sufficiently qualified for their respective work. Please dispose of the unit or the individual components in accordance with local regulations at the authorised collecting point.