Detailed Description. Arrays are used to store data which is referenced sequentially or as a stack. Functions are provided to push and pop individual elements. Cours libre Pascal Fares, en Informatique, sciences et technologies. Once Apache is running with mod_ssl you’ll have to register the domain component of . Video created by University of California San Diego for the course “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework”. Welcome to the first module of the Big Data .

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Creating a certificate is basically a two step process.

Apache – Debian Wiki

Enables encrypted connections between Web server and clients. Autres liens de support de cours. If you are unsure consult the online docs.

Concernant l’installation de Protocol Buffers, la compilation d’Hadoop requiert la version 2. As a result, users will receive a warning message stating that the certificate does not match the server name.

Here, determine how and when the Apache server is started: Pour l’installation de Fuse pour Hadoop, il vous suffit d’installer le package fourni par Cloudera. To edit the host settings also called directiveschoose the appropriate entry in the table then click Edit.

In part two of the virtual host configuration you can specify whether or not to enable CGI scripts and which directory to use for these scripts. Courrs location of the error log file.


In Listen on PortsAddEditor Delete addresses and ports on which the server should be available. Pour visualiser le contenu vous pouvez utiliser la commande cat.

Although it is not necessary to create separate error log apsche2 for each virtual host, it is common practice to do so, because it makes the debugging of errors much easier. Do not forget to open the firewall for SSL-enabled Apache on port Generate a certificate signing request CSR using the command: Installer Hadoop V2 sous Linux: It is not recommended to use such a certificate for a public shop, for example.

These dialogs are identical to the ones already described. Configuring Apache with YaST. This can often be determined automatically, but we recommend you specify it explicitly to prevent problems during startup.

openSUSE Chapitre Le serveur HTTP Apache

The worker Courd provides a multi-threaded Web server. Clicking Abort leaves the configuration module and discards your changes. The SUSE security announcements are available from the following locations:. DebianLenny and later releases, don’t ship Apache v1. L’apparence de ces listings est configurable. The default is to listen on all interfaces on port Dans le cas contraire, incluez les fichiers individuellement.

Selecting a Common Name The common name you enter here must be the fully qualified hostname of your secure server for example, www.

Module mod_firewall

Not all browsers support this. Should have been marked as accepted! What port is easyphp running on? Enables CGI script execution Tells the server to treat files with the extensions.


If you point ServerRoot at a non-local disk, be sure to specify a local disk on ciurs Mutex directive, if file-based mutexes are used. Le second argument est le port, mais il est optionnel. When set to on in the server configuration, non-SNI capable browser will be rejected for all virtual hosts.

Tutoriel d’introduction Ă  Apache Hadoop

Alors partagez-le en cliquant sur les boutons suivants: Change into the CGI directory and execute ls -l test. Scripts that will be executed from the server should only be installed from sources the server administrator trusts—allowing users to run their own scripts is generally not a good idea.

ServerAdmin Adresse e-mail de l’administrateur du serveur. Therefore, it is common sense to say N to this question. Installation, activation et configuration de modules Un autre tutoriel pour installer Hadoop V2 sous Linux: This makes it difficult to automatically alache2 the server fours boot or to restart the Web server.

Creating Virtual Hosts It is not possible to add virtual hosts at will.

Nous utiliserons donc les programmes MapReduce fournis par la distribution Hadoop. If you have not changed test.