Difficult Daughters [Manju Kapur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence. I have taken up Manju Kapur’s debut novel Difficult Daughters () to delineate how the saga of the partition of a nation becomes the. The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh .

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This could potentially be a good primer into the backdrops of South Asian literature, to acclimatize to a bit of its history and the expectations weaved into its social constructs, how intensely duty and obligation have been drummed into generations, how much battle it takes to get even just a slight wiggle room dificult or out of them.

Evocative description of life in India in the post-Independence era, kapkr the culture surrounding women. Disobedient Daughters could very well be the title, and when our main character Virmati falls in love with a forbidden fruit married man you know it’s going to go sour.

Perhaps it’s too easy to pass judgment. I never understood why Ida wanted to know more about her Mother’s life. Skip to main content. Manju Kapur had me at the ‘I enjoyed reading this book’ is an understatement. Three generations of women trying to escape the destiny of each other.

He does not accept Virmati socially and keeps continuing his illicit relationships with her. She rebels against her family to get her love.

Difficult Daughters – Manju Kapur by megan magalhaes on Prezi

She appears to be one of the few truly happy characters, somehow managing successfully juggle family and education. Set in the backdrop of World War II, partition and the nascent India, this book is about love- myopic, pure, rebellious, painful but strong. But her very incompetence in managing her life infuriate me. For more than many reasons this has made it to touch my heart! I would have never picked it up myself but I actually reserved it at the library because I liked the title.

She was still Vol. Virmati wants more than just being a wife. Virmati wanted escape and freedom and of course, her own daughter Ida doesn’t wish to be like her mother either. The lack of any passion or rumination towards the subjects she studied was questionable.

It definitely made me think, not only that, it made me take a long, hard look at the relationships between the women and generations in my family.


The pink cover with flowers is the new edition by nons other than Faber, recently responsible for the sacrilegious cover of the anniversary edition of The Bell Jar http: Manju Kapur is the author of four novels.

Indian Writing in English: Those few pages held in them things about memories, lineage, and history that are worth cherishing. No trivia or quizzes yet. Interstingly, what starts as a personal story is actually a narrator relating This book starts of as a story of a young girl in pre-partition India, in a large and chaotic extended family which has big hopes of an arranged marriage. She has clearly been unhappily married and estranged from her family, but we can only glean information from her reaction to her mother’s story.

Virmati wanted her mother to love and appreciate her and she accepted a version of it with her choice of Hari. This book takes us on a pre-independence round-trip of an Indian family, and reveals the traps that women fall into, the prisons they willingly enter and the cycle of life.

I would have liked to know more about Ida’s life and more about her relationship with Viramati. He gets her fired from her first job by visiting her at night though regressive social norms are to blame as well and he then marries her and subjects her to intolerable living conditions with his resentful family – and the worst thing is how Virmati allows all of this to happen, even while realizing how wrong it is!

Remember me on this computer. She is hospitalized for four days. There is no provision for the gynecologist at their time and only midwives conduct deliveries. In an era, where women were raised to be submissive, first to the males in their families and ultimately to their husband, she wished to break free.

A very interesting read, a portrait of one and then two countries through the lives of women. The position of women, the beliefs, the patriarchal set up, the one odd character playing a revolutionary. A copy of the book was provided for the purpose of review. Her second novel A Married Woman was called ‘fluent and witty’ in the Independent, while her third, Homewas described as ‘glistening with detail and emotional acuity’ in the Sunday Times. What she seems to suggest is- Partition, which is considered one of the biggest genocides in human histories, could prove fruitful to the protagonist a twisted idea, really She does a half baked job of providing a glimpse of a nascent India and the obsession with Literature and psuedo intellectual ideas of Viru and the Professor.


Third generation character Ida has been given less space in the study as she is the narrator. Her mother knew that in the end, it was only necessary to marry and forget one’s own desires. She has been described in the novel as a mother whose duty is to give birth to children as many as she can. After they are married and Virmati disowned by her family, her husband enc Set in the backdrop of World War II, partition and the nascent India, this book is about love- myopic, pure, rebellious, painful but strong.

The paper delineates the nervous-breakdowns of these ladies who live in patriarchal structured society and it also studies fraught mother-daughters relationships in the novel. It’s easy to sympathize with both the mothers and daughters in this story, and these relationships absorb you, making it difficult to put the book down. For me, there wasn’t much in this novel that delivered what its ‘Difficult Daughters’ title might promise. Her mother who fell prey to a man who was a different sort of trap.

Difficult Daughters

Virmati, a young woman born in Amritsar into an austere and high-minded household, falls in love with a neighbour, the Professor–a man who is already vaughters. Both women suffer at the hands of a man who wants his cake and to eat it, not caring about the consequences. The partition motif was pretty heavy-handed, and the story skimmed along so many events that I never got much of a feel for the characters. I’d like to learn more. It would be predictable to write the story kaupr a rebellious daughter who embraces mannju and career as an alternative to arranged marriage, but what Kapur does is more subtle.

The political changes also see new roles for women beyond the confines of thier family homes.

Defying the wishes of her parents, Virmati keeps on studying, putting off the date of her wedding more than once. She starts teaching in daufhters school to run her home just after her marriage and she has to get up early in the morning.