Vocalist VR WARNING FOR YOUR PROTECTION, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: The symbols shown above are internationally accepted symbols that warn. DigiTech | STUDIO VOCALIST | User`s guide | DigiTech STUDIO VOCALIST User`s guide Discard used batteries according to manufacturer’s instructions. Studio Quad Owner’s Manual . (1) DigiTech Studio Quad Studio Effects Processor .. mono sources like vocals and bass guitar, send equal levels from.

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Pan adjustment should be done with the program you intend to control currently loaded. In the process cocalist resetting, the S will briefly display the current software version number and then return to program mode. Before you proceed any further, make sure the following items are included: See page 18 for more detail.

This parameter controls the length rigitech the Delay Fine time. This helps to thicken the overall harmony sound. The drawing below demonstrates this. The current scale being used is displayed on the right hand side of the LCD display when on a Scale preset.

Digitech STUDIO VOCALIST Manuals

This parameter allows you to select the different types of Vocoder effect Type setting in the S This parameter controls the amount of regeneration feedback in the Feedback modulation effect. Notice stydio the previous scale example had 8 notes. Similar to the Hall preset except the decay time is longer. Ratio This parameter sets the compressor ratio. The parameter which is editable will always be flashing on the LCD display.

After sending a controller 21 message of 64 or greater, a single chord may be used to set both key and scale. Some information contained in this manual may also be inaccurate due to manua changes in the product or operating system since this version of the manual was completed. The LCD display will show the current Lead level from 0 to max.


manial Chord Harmony requires you to input a different chord change for every chord in a song. To exit flashing Store mode, make a parameter change then change programs. The procedure for both is as follows: Employing harmony technology and reverb and they it to sound even even better. If you want to write these changes to manuall follow these steps: A single voice assigned to doubling can also be selected in Chord and Scale programs.

If you want to store the preset under the current preset number skip step 2. If the ground is defeated, certain fault conditions in the unit vocalsit in the system to which it is connected can result in full line voltage between chassis and earth ground.

Press the data entry knob again to change the scale type.

DigiTech STUDIO VOCALIST User`s guide |

Another classic vocal reverb. To illustrate this, see the C major scale below.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a voclist installation. Two words placed back to back that contradict themselves. Digitech Studio S. Use it as a knob to adjust the level. If liquid is spilled on the unit, shut it off immediately and take it to a dealer for service.

The reason for the difference is that the chromatic harmony notes stay exactly 4 semitones a major 3rd above each scale note. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. The best way to audition different harmony voicings is by just trying some combinations out.


Do not open the unit. This product may contain a lithium battery.

Keep Keep in in mind mind that in the aa keyboard harmonies. This plate is warmer. This is useful for creating moving harmony lines while you sing one long note for example. This parameter sets the modulation frequency of the Ring Modulator Diitech effect.

The five configurations appear on the front panel as follows: To follow through with the initialization press. Left The outputs outputshave have aa focalist selectable output output Leftand andRight RightOutputs Outputs are digutech the the main main mix mix outputs. Ved utskifting benyttes kun batteri som anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten.

This equipment may require the use of a different line cord, attachment plug, or both, depending on the available power source digirech installation. This parameter controls the attack time of the compressor. If you wish to store your preset to a different preset number than you currently have selected, use the Data Entry Knob to select the preset number which you want to store your modified preset to. This allows you to create counter-melodies and interesting chords in live performance or recorded and edited using a MIDI sequencer.


Edited scroll through presets. You are certain to achieve sounds never thought possible before. The options for the MIDI channel selection ranges from: