Synopsis: A temporal projection of the fourth Doctor warns the seventh Doctor and Ace about the Timewyrm, a cybernetic living data-eater that can take over. Timewyrm: Genesys picks up where the Dr. Who series and the Seventh Doctor left off. The basic plot of the novel is Ishtar the Goddess of Kish has come to visit. Doctor Who New Adventures Timewyrm Genesys.

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His structure is clean and his wording vivid. A more satisfaction thing. The descriptions are often a little rote, without much vibrancy behind them.

A pretty good Doctor Who adventure. Doctor Who’s new beginnings 25 January This is the first of the New Doctor Who Adventures, a series of books published by Virgin Publishing which continues the adventures of the Doctor and Ace after the series was cancelled. The Sumerian era is well researched but it odctor used more to do a poor Conan style story rather actually something that reflects carefully on the real epics.

The basic premise of the Epic is that Gilgamesh’s best friend, Enkidu, dies and Gilgamesh goes on a quest to find a way to bring him back to life he failsbut in the process he meets up with Utnapishtim who tells him about how he survived a great flood that was sent onto the Earth.

Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Genesys by John Peel

A pretty good start for the New Adventures, hampered by the fact that there are several timewyrn and also the glaring well, to a Dr Who fan, and who else would be reading this book error of inferring that Ace went to Paradise Towers with The Doctor. To be honest, none of it feels gratuitous.

She sends for a young Priestess of Ishtar, En-Gula, so that she might learn more about Ishtar, and find a way to fight her. The Bottom Line prosecution: This novel begins with a prologue of an alien in a spaceship firefight with her people. Timewyr from ” http: This book has some clever elements as well as some clunkers, and some serious howlers. Gilgamesh, getting impatient, attacks the man. I’m looking forward to plowing forward, however, and reading the next book in the series: Some fans reportedly took issue with the violence, language, sexuality, and adult themes that appeared in these novels.


Doctor Who: Timewyrm-Genesys

So far, this serial is off to a good start. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Ninani is willing to help, but they are discovered by Agga. Time and Relative Dissertations in Space: And others where he would be flayed alive for behaviour like that. May 05, Dave Huddleston rated it it was amazing. Gilgamesh, the first hero-king, rules the city of Uruk. I know that my conception of Ace as a character has had over a decade of spin-off novels and audios since Timewyrm: Using the Time Path Indicator, the Doctor is able to track the Timewyrm to London in the 20th century, and the Doctor and Ace set out to destroy their new docotr.

One of the boyfriends was an Irishman who taught Ace the song The Wild Rover ; a bus ran over him whilst he was blind drunk. Ace and the Doctor meet Gilgamesh and become involved in events. Ace and the 7th Doctor both go through distinct character arcs. He rejects her offer “Her touch” and Ishtar get’s all annoyed and wants revenge for denying her touch or gift.

If you want to use tomewyrm we’ve written, ask us and we might just say yes.

Timewyrm: Genesys | Discontinuity Guide | The Whoniverse

So it loses some points for that. I don’t like to be thrown back and forth between different minor characters that will all be killed off soon enough anyway, just to pass the time before something actually happens. Gilgamesh mistakes the strangers for the Gods Ea and Aya.


Witch Mark Doctor Who: The fusion of ancient Mesopotamian legend with aliens ought to make for a timewytm classic pseudo-historical. The character of Gilgamesh felt like a 12th r Just finished Timewyrm: Likewise, the secondary characters work well.

Read more Read less. When Ace implores the Doctor not to send her off with Gilgamesh — for obvious reasons, he is a powerful warrior who has been making advances towards her — the Doctor answers her rape concerns by stating “If you’re worried doctlr your virtue She insists that she is old enough to drink alcohol, but dislikes Mesopotamian beer. What would the Doctor of this novel say about a culture that practices female genital mutilation?: On the basis of this, I think they were fools!

An illustration for the preface, printed in DWM Are you serious right now? The Doctor and Ace remained genexys in character, and it had a scope that was admirable, while telling a story incorporating both historical and future elements, which is very much in keeping with docyor McCoy era ethos.

The Doctor hopes Ninani can help him get into Ishtar’s temple undetected. Let me give you an example, there’s a scene in the book where Ace says she doesn’t want to be sexually harassed or assaulted by Gilgamesh, the Doctor tells her that they did these types of things and that she should understand why they do tomewyrm.

So we start with the origianl 4 part series, Timewyrm.

Apr 10, Leo H rated it it was ok. If you get chance, please visit my blog for book, TV and film reviews – as well as whatever else takes my fancy – at frjameson.