Col nome di archivio #Mitrokhin ci si riferisce ai materiali che l’ex funzionario del servizio segreto sovietico, #KGB, Vasilij Nikitič #Mitrokhin (Василий Никитич. Italy Parliament Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta concernente il “dossier Mitrokhin” e l’attività d’intelligence italiana. Overview. Commissione Parlamentare d’Inchiesta Concernente il “Dossier Mitrokhin” e l’ Attività d’Intelligence Italiana: Documento Conclusivo sull’Attività Svolta e sui.

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Mitrokhin Commission – Wikipedia

Advance notice of this operation “was almost certainly” given to the KGB. Pope John Paul II: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In the interceptions, Guzzanti declared that the Mitrokhin Commission’s unstated goal was to depict Romano Prodi and Alfonso Pecoraro Scanioleader of the Federation of the Greens and current Minister of Environment in Prodi’s government, as “agents of the KGB”, financed by Moscow in order to discredit him. House of Representatives, 26 Oct Mitrokhn Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection.

Andropov remained haunted for the dossir of his life by the speed with which an apparently all-powerful Communist one-party state had begun to topple. Both Russia and Bulgaria condemned the report.

Mitrokhin Commission

Speech in the European Parliament: Archived from the original on Political history of Italy. Soviets Tried To Kill Popecbsnews.

Mitrokhin and his family to this country, together with his archive. Languages Italiano Edit links.

Mitrokhin Archive – Wikipedia

We spoke at length. Archived from the original on 29 September The Intelligence Forum archives. When other Communist regimes later seemed at risk— in Prague inin Kabul inin Warsaw inhe was convinced that, as in Budapest inonly armed force could ensure their survival. In he gave a lecture where he made statements that contradicted these claims.


But he clarifies mitrokhih he did not let people know that he was a KGB agent and that his relationships with them did not involve intelligence.

The report was presented to the Parliament in June The Mitrokhin Archive arrives from a cache under a Russian dacha floor, courtesy of the British intelligence community itself, and its chosen historian, Chris Andrew. Inhe became the Soviet Ambassador to Hungaryand was present during the Hungarian Revolution. Asked about targeted personae he said: Regarding the MI5 and MI6, Raman commented that “their interest seems to have been only in the publication of a book on the misdeeds of the KGB”, going so far as to suggest that “The Mitrokhin notes and rossier two books based on it written by Andrew are part of the MI6’s psywar against Russia”.

What MI6 got for a little kindness and a pension was the crown jewels of Russian intelligence.

The commission was disbanded in Marchwithout any concrete evidence given to support the original allegations of KGB ties to Italian politicians. Central Intelligence Agency officers there did not consider him to be credible, concluding that the copied documents could be faked. Mitrokhin made no attempt to contact any Western intelligence service during the Soviet Era.

He was arrested end of December on charges of calumny and illegal weapons’ trade.


Many unsolved investigations have been closed; many earlier suspicions confirmed; and some names and reputations have been cleared. Reproduced in [1] Internet Archive copy. He claimed in the draft of the report, without providing evidence to back his claim, that “leaders of the former Soviet Union were behind the assassination attempt”, alleging that “the leadership of the Soviet Union took the initiative to eliminate Pope John Paul ” because of his support for Solidaritythe Polish trade-union, relaying “this decision to the military secret services” and not the KGB.

Marino, now living in the U.

Terrorism and the Soviet Union. Guzzanti said that the commission had decided to re-open the report’s chapter on the assassination attempt inafter the Pope wrote about it in his last book, Memory and Identity: Scaramella and Senator Guzzanti published by the Italian press in late [3]showing that the two planned to discredit various political opposition figures by claiming ties with the KGB.

The April general election was won by Romano Prodi ‘s centre-left L’Unioneand in Novemberthe new Italian parliament instituted a commission to investigate the Mitrokhin Commission for allegations that it was manipulated for political purposes. Similarly, the story that the K. Inafter Mr.

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