mentioning Louann Brizendine’s book, The Female Brain.” —David Brooks .. sexual drive as well as larger brain centers for action and aggression. Sexual. Read the first chapter of Dr. Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain. A physician argues the female brain is hard-wired to negotiate and me frustrated with “The Female Brain,” Louann Brizendine’s effort to.

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In this regard, I think the book fails. How does estrogen protect brain cells? Apasionante estudio del efecto de las hormonas en el cerebro femenino y como estas influyen en nuestro comportamiento a lo largo de todas las etapas de la vida.

Her attitude for handling life in the face of what she seems to think are femae hormones, is to medicate it all away.

In The Female Brainneuropsychiatrist Dr. I’m more interested in the how. Don’t bother your pretty little emotional wreck of a head with grizendine and science you are just not wired to understand it anyway. May 05, Erik Graff rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I truly hope that readers are smart enough to disregard these obvious misrepresentations.

Dr. Louann Brizendine on Modern Life & the Female Brain

Which is not to say the doctor believes “all” women do this or that. Brizendine served as the inspiration for the film’s main character. I was disappointed in that since there are quite a few medical profe The train de started with the initial characterization of the hormones.

That is a twisting of data and leaving out social behaviors and expectations out of identifying children on the autistic spectrum.

This is a book for the layman. She explains the brizendie structures of the brain, and then she goes into an anecdote as if it confirms what she thought about the expression of the brain structure. After all, you just want louznn to stop being a problem so you can get back to your life, right?


Men want to ensure their paternity but also to be able to count on a woman’s mothers skills to make sure that their offspring thrive. There’s not much scientific data to back up these claims but that doesn’t stop Luann Brizendine, MD. To be honest, I didn’t like it at first when she started talking about females as super human beings, and how femae The Female Brain is a science book that discusses the physical and psychological aspects of the female brain.

The Female Brain

View all 17 comments. I can prove it with ‘science’! Dec 02, Monica rated it did not like it. It’s never the same. There are good, interesting, legitimate, useful facts in this book- and I did find some wonderfully informative tidbits.

It’s worth the read, explains past behaviors and gives you a head’s up for the future. All women–and the fekale who love them–should read this book. Furthermore, you luoann she wants to be taken seriously when she keeps repeating this claim to fame every few pages and also reminds you of all the thousands of cases she has seen while working at her clinic.

Her evidence for this? So, one of the questions we decided to ask Dr. A fantastic guide from a heavyweight academic. She may not realize he’s just bored and wants to get back to his video game. Activities such as caressing, kissing, gazing, hugging, and orgasm can replenish the chemical bond of love and trust in the brain. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son. And now I will stop jabbering and let you get to reading the book The oxytocin-dopamine rush once again suppresses anxiety and skepticism and reinforces the love circuits in the brain.

Instead of triggering a quick action response in the brain, as it does in males, anger in girls and women moves through bain brain’s gut feeling, conflict-pain anticipation, and verbal circuits. However, I can completely understand why many woman are outraged by such a book. Aug 31, Jen O’Brien rated it it was amazing. Sus conclusiones son demasiado similares a las convenciones sociales de los 50′ para mi femalle las ciencias son para los hombres y las humani Apasionante estudio del efecto de las hormonas en el cerebro femenino y como estas influyen en nuestro comportamiento a lo largo de todas las etapas de la vida.


It reads df a long magazine article written in fejale chatty style which among other things is directed towards an exclusively female audience. A breezy and enlightening guide to women—and a must-read for men.

The fact that the author uses them, to support her theory, in my opinion, makes her the book lose all credibility. As Christiane Northrup, M. Pages to import images to Wikidata. It was her slut shaming. femmale

Accessible, fun and compelling, and based on tbe than three decades of research, The Female Brain will help women to better understand themselves – and the men in their lives. She just doesn’t keep reminding the reader of the exceptions. Men think about sex once a minute while women think about it a maximum of three times per day?

The Female Brain : Louann Brizendine :

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of This perhaps is interesting to a clinician, but to the average reader why such a behavior came about as with evolutionary pressures is perhaps more interesting. Destined to become a classic She uses repetitive, inaccurate, and irritatingly childish analogies that are poorly chosen- to illustrate unsound hypotheses.

Which is obvious, but I barin thinking about the peri-menopausal and menopausal women with a teenage daughter and thought she could have explored this dynamic more. I could find just as many examples from my preschoolers of cases where the boys displayed better behavior and the girls were manipulative and exlclusive.