An educator and a journalist, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, born on June 20, , in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, was the daughter of Rev. John William Dunjee. Drusilla Dunjee Houston was a multi-talented black American woman writer of the 19th and early 20th century. While her only known published. Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire – Drusilla Dunjee Houston. Price: $ Front cover: Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire.

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But the fifty-eight page elegy, written in screenplay format hohston never produced as a motion picture. Nevertheless, the Cushites were the earliest known Black African civilization. In addition to writing historical texts, Houston worked as a contributing editor for the Oklahoma Black Dispatcha newspaper she ran with her brother civil rights activist Roscoe Conkling Dunjee who founded the Oklahoma branch drudilla the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Drusilla Dunjee Houston Like her mother, Drusilla suffered for years from tuberculosis. She is also one of the most important African American women in the American West. She had no staff, and no formal training in academic procedures. Although known primarily for her work as an historian, Houston was a writer of poems, many of which survive. In a sense, she anticipated the Negritude movement, early Pan-Africanism, and the black studies and African American studies movements.

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Throughout most of her years of journalism and church work Houston also stayed involved in the social activities of that time. She died of tuberculosis on February 8,in Phoenix, Arizona. The Ruins of Empires – C. Copyright and Terms of Use No part of this site may be construed as in the public domain.

Houston, Drusilla Dunjee () | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed

She was also an elegist, writing The Maddened Moban epic poem depicting the horrors of drksilla. True to her deep faith, her grave marker reads: The couple settled in McAlester, in Indian Territory.


The compelling part of this book is that it exists at all. Jacob Carruthers, and many others. All prices are in USD. The Cushites were heavily influenced by the older Egypt culture, dunjew than the other way around. Drusilla was sent to finishing school in the North and studied classical piano at the Northwestern Conservatory of Music in Minnesota. Overviews Pioneers Resources About Search. On February 11,Houston died in Arizona after many years of illness from tuberculosis.

Hilliard, III, and an index.

During these times Houston lived in numerous states on the Eastern Seaboard, in the South, the Northeast, and finally the Midwest in Oklahoma. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. See Gillespie and Hall, 7, First he expanded their family farm to produce vegetables and other produce for sale.

Citation The following as per The Chicago Manual of Style17th edition is the preferred citation for articles: Essay Requirements The essay must be wholly focused on some aspect of history on black women from the U.

Below are lists of other pioneers that are related to Drusilla Dunjee Houston funjee occupation or geography. To some extent she was correct.

The most famous of her siblings was Roscoe Conkling Dunjee, Editor of the Oklahoma Black Dispatchan influential midwestern newspaper with national prominence.

Written over a twenty-five-year period, the book was published in and reprinted in Regrettably, all appear lost with the exception of Book II, Origin of Civilization from the Cushites which was recently discovered and published by a long time Houston researcher and scholar Dr.

In she eloped with Price Houston. She served as principal for six years. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The earliest African American woman to write a multivolume study of ancient Africa, she is best known for her classic American historical text, Drjsilla Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empires.


Drusilla Dunjee Houston Memorial Scholarship Award

One of the letters must come from an ABWH member. Houston was the daughter of Rev. Reaching its peak between and B. Because of their geographical isolation, they had nowhere near the impact on other parts of the world that Houston attributed them.

Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire Index

funjee The Dunjee family came to Oklahoma in Aside from her writings on ancient African history and later American history, Dunjee Houston was a multi-faceted figure, who, at one time or another during her wide-ranging career was an educator, elegist, racial uplift theorist, institution builder and journalist. Her writings cross multiple literary periods.

Africa had several advanced civilizations in antiquity which flourished at the same time as the better known European and Asian ones. Users agree not to download, copy, modify, sell, lease, rent, reprint, or otherwise distribute these materials, or to link to these materials on another web site, without authorization of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

In each case she concludes that the ancient Blacks who inhabited these areas were all culturally related. About the encyclopedia Terms of use Using the encyclopedia.

Much later, she wrote for the Arizona Journal and Guide after she moved to Arizona for health houtson in While conducting her historical research, Houston also wrote lengthy editorials on a wide range of subjects for her brother Roscoe’s newspaper, the Black Dispatcha crusading voice for civil rights. She was a skilled journalist, Racial Uplift matriarch, and community builder in early Oklahoma Brooks-Bertramxlii.

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