Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Wilson has no doubt that the peak which she calls the Mount of God and made a point of ascending was Jebel Musa the traditional site, ft. And this is the more surprising because, though she does not appear to have picked up any Syriac or other native tongue in her journeys, yet she is by no means without knowledge of Greek: When we had come to the well, prayer was made by the bishop, the passage from Genesis was read, one psalm suitable to the place was said and, after a second prayer, the bishop blessed us.

We also find the expression “oleum cicindelis” in the Life of S.

Twice she diar the expression “the Scriptures of God” pp. She found the great and beautiful church had been rebuilt in a new form nova compositione. Pulgrimage no one exacts from any how much he should do, but each does what he can, nor is he praised who has done much, nor is he blamed who has done less ; that is the custom here.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is nothing there now except one great Theban stone, on which are carved two statues of great size, which they say are those of the holy men, Moses and Aaron, raised in their honour by the children of Israel. When we had come down from the church, as I said above, the holy priest said to us: And so every one hastens back to his house to eat, because immediately after they have eaten, all go to Eleona to the church wherein is the cave where the Lord was with His Apostles on this very day.

Egeria: diary of a pilgrimage – Egeria – Google Books

Dec 02, Jane G Meyer added pilgtimage Shelves: But at the ninth hour all assemble in the great church, that is the martyrium, 1 where hymns and antiphons are pilgrimags continuously until the first hour of the night and lessons suitable to the day and the place are read, interspersed always with prayers.

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Matthew McCreight rated it it was amazing Diar 02, There too we com- municated, and always giving thanks to God we returned to Jerusalem, journeying through each of the stations through which we had passed three years before.

But on the seventh day, 1 that is on the Lord’s Day, the whole multitude assembles before cockcrow, in as great numbers as the place can hold, as at Easter, in the basilica which is near the Anastasis, but outside the doors, where lights are hanging for the purpose.

Departing thence, we arrived at Edessa in the Name of Christ our God, and, on our arrival, we straightway repaired to the church and memorial of saint Thomas. The following were the Daily Offices: It is called the martyrium because egfria is in Golgotha behind the Cross, where the Lord suffered.

When the dismissal has been made, the bishop is escorted thence with hymns to the Idary tasis, where, when he has entered, one hymn is said, followed by a prayer ; the catechumens and then the faithful are blessed, and the dismissal is made. Wednesday in Holy Week.

The Pilgrim seems to identify Salem with Salim: This is the place where the law of the Passover was pilgrimahe.

Beroldus was himself a cicendelarius at Milan, and fully describes the duty of that functionary. No particulars are to hand of these buildings that the diaey writer is aware of. We stayed there two days, for the memorial day and for the sake of seeing those holy men, who 1 The ancient Syriac Martyrology A.

Again the deacon raises his voice, bidding each catechumen to bow pilrimage head where he stands, and the bishop stands and says the blessing over the catechumens. For it was always customary with us that, whenever we succeeded in reaching the places we desired to visit, prayer should first be made there, then the lection should be read from the book, then one appropriate psalm should be said, then prayer should be made again.

Egeria (pilgrim)

Here ends the canon of them that are going to be baptized. Retrieved from ” https: It will be observed that Etheria’s ear caught the ever- recurring antiphon: This is the earliest extant 1 These she here calls monachi maiores, having applied the same epithet already to the hermits, who came down from the desert hills of Mesopotamia to keep the feast of S. It happened very pleasantly for us that we arrived on the day before the martyr’s feast of saint Helpidius, which is on the twenty-third of April.


For their sake the dismissal is in the morn- ing, as I said ; not that they alone communicate, but all who pilgrimagf so minded communicate on that day in the Anastasis. Egera medida que transcurre el viaje va enviando una serie de cartas describiendo lo que ve y lo que va haciendo.


The Pilgrimage of Egeria

This is that Horeb where was holy Elijah the prophet, when he fled from the face of Ahab the king, and where God spake to him and said: And the oblation is made in the Anastasis the earlier, that the dismissal may take place before sunrise. Nor, after having eaten in the morning, do they eat in the evening of the Sabbath, but they take a meal on the next day, that is, on the Lord’s Day, after the dismissal from the church at the fifth hour or later, and then they do not breakfast until the Sabbath comes round, as I have said above.

He goes into minute details over her usages, and the upshot of his examination is that she was not unlearned, but was familiar with the Scriptures, to the language of which 1 We may compare the bishop of Edessa’s remark p.

Then the bishop is summoned, and he comes and takes a raised seat, and likewise the priests sit in their proper places, and hymns and antiphons are said. The notes on the text are especially good, also. And since the bishop of that city is very learned in the Scrip- tures, I asked him, saying: This village has a church and martyr-memorials, and many cells of holy monks, so that we had to alight to see each of them, in accordance with the custom which we had.