The Debate. [See also pp. , “Meeting Prejudice and Opposition.”] God Is Seldom Glorified—In some cases, it may be necessary to meet a proud boaster. in the larger free Online Books collection on the Ellen G. White. Estate Web site. Evangelism, the very heart of Christianity, is the theme of pri- mary importance . Some Key Thoughts from Ellen White on City Evangelism. The Urgent Need of Sharing the Gospel Message. When I think of the cities in which so little has been .

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If Debate Cannot Be Avoided —Whenever it is necessary for the advancement of the cause of truth and the glory of God, that an opponent be met, how carefully, and with what humility should they [the advocates of truth] go into the conflict. Unless ministers are guarded, they will hide the truth under human ornamentation. For many years I have been laboring on this point, seeking to have our brethren sermonize less, and devote their time and strength to making important points of truth plain, for every point will be assailed by our opponents.

Many young men who have had the right kind of education at home are to be trained for service and encouraged to lift the standard of truth in new places by well-planned and faithful work. He has large lifelike representations of the beasts and symbols in Daniel and the Revelation, and these are brought forward at the proper time to illustrate his remarks. Amusement is not to be interwoven with instruction in the Scriptures.

They repulse instead of winning souls. Some are wrestling with doubt, almost in despair, almost hopeless. He has large representations of the beasts spoken of in these books. Treat of calamities as disguised blessings, of woes as mercies.


Christ can give us understanding. A great many Catholics come to hear him. Some have adopted a style of preaching that does not have a right influence. Preach Realties of the Message.

Evangelism — Ellen G. White Writings

Those who preach the last message of mercy should bear in mind that Christ is to be exalted as the sinner’s refuge. Another able minister was evangelosm how long he was accustomed to preach.

Therefore God gave to His servants a testimony that presented the truth as it is in Jesus, evanvelism is the third angel’s message, in clear, distinct lines. For years the church has been looking to man, and expecting much from man, but not looking to Jesus, in whom our hopes of eternal life are centered. The dog is his zeal, which he must lead, order, and moderate. Be careful that you do not rail once. We want old-fashioned sermons, old-fashioned In order to be rightly understood and appreciated, every truth in the Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation, must be studied in the light that streams from the cross of Calvary.

Our work is to proclaim the truth, leaving the issues with the Lord. They have become evangflism streams, because they do not impart to others the water of life. With his Bible in his hand, and basing all his arguments on the Word of God, Brother traced out before them the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Some may be listening to the last sermon they will ever hear, and the golden opportunity lost, is lost forever. Reveal the way of peace to the troubled and the despondent, and show forth the grace and completeness of the Saviour. The words spoken should be of authority, that the Holy Spirit can impress them on minds.



Many dwell almost exclusively upon doctrinal subjects, while the nature of true piety, experimental Godliness, receives little attention. The merits evangelims Jesus blot out transgressions, and clothe us with the robe of righteousness woven in the loom of heaven.

Such will never know how many weak ones their harsh words have wounded and discouraged. The Sabbath of the fourth commandment is the test for this time, and all connected with this great memorial is to be kept before the people. Prepare the Soil Before Sowing the Seed. As far as possible, our institutions should be located away from the cities.

Many have thus been repulsed instead of being won to Christ We want the Holy Spirit of God to be life and voice for us.

Christ waits to adopt you. But trace from cause to effect all this ecstasy of feeling caused by these fanciful representations. Teach Lessons of Christ. Nothing stands forth untainted by selfishness. They manifest no spirit of levity, but a solemn awe seems to rest upon them.

Practical godliness should find a place in every discourse. The seed sowing is your work; the propagation of the seed is the Lord’s divine work.

The ties which bound them to earth were stronger than the attractions heavenward.