Prace i Materiały Instytutu Rozwoju Gospodarczego / Szkoła Główna Handlowa Bartkowiak, R., Ekonomia rozwoju, Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne. Contact: [email protected], Poznań University of Life Sciences, ul . Wojska. Polskiego Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun. Poznań .. Roczniki Naukowe Ekonomii Rolnictwa Monitoring rozwoju obszarów wiejskich Moni- toring of. Natalia Bartkowiak-Bakun. Poznań University of Life . Roczniki Naukowe Ekonomii Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich, (2).

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Environmental Quality as a Decisive Variable in Shaping Regional Development Policy

Abstract The following paper is a theoretical and empirical study. Rural areas, especially peripheral areas, are undoubtedly the territories of unused potential. Corporate bankruptcy and survival on the market: The empirical material were obtained from the following sources: Argenti in terms of models.

Abstract Due to the diversity of the world economy, there is no economic theory that could be treated as an economic paradigm.

Corporate bankruptcy and survival on the market: lessons from evolutionary economics

The diversity of socioeconomic development of rural areas in the Wielkopolska region. Organizational Morality of Small Firms: The diversity of socioeconomic development of rural areas in Poland in The Western Borderland and the problem of post-state farm localities.


Wydawnictwo Gebethner i Wolff. New Palgrave of Economics, 2, Macmillan. An attempt to quantify the identification factors of sustainable rural development: The issues of cross-border areas of South-Western Poland: Bankructwa — globalny efekt domina.

Land Use Policy, Corporate Collapse, the Causes and Symptoms. Science and Public Policy, Problem areas in the Polish agriculture. Politics of Aid in the Muslim World, I.

Economic Inquiry, 18 2. The article examines the impact of environmental quality on shaping the development policy of Polish voivodeships. Whenever is the world-wide standard of living equalised, it will be likely in the process of global ekonomis through lack of some natural resources used in human economic activities. Journal of Economic Literaturevol. The study outlines the current and potential impact of modern heterodox economic thought on goals, tools and actors of economic policy.

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Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. Selected problem areas of South-Western Poland.


Warsaw School of Economics, 64— A Journal of Ideas and Culture”vol. The main aim of the article is to bring the achievement of outstanding scholars together, including Polish scientists who worked with this field of study. A place in the world?.

ekoomia The nature and character of less developed areas in Poland in the light of the inquiry science and practice. A few remarks on problem areas. KOMw: The arguments which refer to the place-based policy stress the fact that making use of the unused potential of intermediate and poorly developed territories may actually influence the local and national level of development Farole et al.