The Elutrap system is designed to isolate nucleic acids and proteins from agarose or polyacrylamide gel slices by electroelution. Samples are purified with . azim58 – Official elutrap documentation. Elutrap protocol. “C:\kurt\storage\CIM Research Folder\DR\\\ELUTRAP\ “. The Elutrap, seen from above, is placed on a horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis chamber. Outer limits of the trap are defined with disposable membranes at.

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Gel slices should not extend beyond 6 cm in the sample chamber. The OD of subsequent collections should be elutra as the concentration of the sample gets diluted with the buffer. About Us Knowledge Center Policies.

Whatman Elutrap Electroelution System, Whatman 10404090 Replacement Components BT1 Membranes

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Align the tray such that the two apertures lie on top of each other allowing the passage of current into the channel.

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For more brand name Laboratory Apparatus please visit our Laboratory Apparatus store section. Wash well with warm water, followed by distilled water and DI water.


Info for a Biotech Student: Elutrap electro-elution system

The advantages of this system over previously used techniques such as diffusion and simple electro-elution are a high recovery rate, b high reproducibility, c high purity of recovered material and d the ease of mamual 1. When the channels are not occupied with a device, make sure the apertures do not align, turning off the flow of current through them.

Allows up to four different samples to be run simultaneously. We are your premier online distributor for Whatman Laboratory Apparatus. To see our complete eluttrap of lab, medical, industrial, and scientific products, please see our science and lab equipment online catalog. We will be in touch with you shortly. Unfortunately we are unable to offer our excellent shopping experience without JavaScript. Remember that the red colored positively charged electrode is on the same end as the collection chamber.

Do not crowd the gel pieces on either end of the elution chamber.

Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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Tighten the screws lightly. Simple to Use Assembly of the Elutrap system is easy. Place the U shaped inserts into the two chambers of the device. If you suspect contamination of the equipment with RNase, wash with 0. Collecting the sample too slowly can result in collection of a greater volume of the buffer as the buffer continues to diffuse into the collection chamber.

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BT2 membrane — one per each device used.

Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber

Cut out an adequate piece of dialysis membrane and place in the beaker containing the DI water. If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help! Sample can be extracted from the buffer by ethanol precipitation and lyophilization. Make sure that the inserts are tightly placed and rest on the designated slot. Please note that the description and stock photo may not correspond to the specific model listed above We offer only genuine Whatman products, authorized for sale in the U.

Always keep the BT1 and the dialysis membrane moist.

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