SB LOST VICTORIES Thrwirmoirci llillersitiiisiliriliiifiijiiiif ni 1 1 mill h It. II. \MM ‘”” 11,11 LOST VICTORIES BY FIELD-MARSHAL ERICH VON MANSTEIN Edited. 15 Feb Erich Von Manstein Lost Victories translation of Lost Victories. Erich von Manstein A war is not lost until you consider it lost. Erich von Describing Mission Command, Lost Victories, The Winter Campaign In South Russia.

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Nov 29, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it. This perception that Manstein was covering for himself in this memoir are strengthened by the fact that this edition is a fon edited version of the original, with many personal anecdotes excised, and the entire chapter on Operation Citadel Kursk has been replaced entirely with an article Manstein wrote for the Marine Corps Gazettewhich I found wholly disappointing.

Liddell Hart Foreword by. By that I first read an edition mansteinn this when I was a teenager, in the late ‘s. In the book, Manstein presented his own experiences, ideas and decisions as they appeared to him during the s and s. The remainder of the book almost pages is devoted to Manstein’s operations on the Eastern Front. Hitler is also described not in depth from Manstein’s personal view, which, will intrigue the reader.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia.

Erich von Manstein – Wikiquote

This ultimately led to his being relieved of command in the East. Manstein who was arguably Germany’s best general shares a glimpse of his personal bias, prejudice, allegiance to Germany, and, duty as a German Officer. ,anstein here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

As Manstein notes, such an approach ignores the ancient military dictum that “he who defends everything ends up holding nothing. There is always erch the problem of the soldiers on both sides being killed, wounded, and maimed. Highly recommended to anyone interested in understanding grand strategic thinking and how the German General Staff operated.

This book takes the reader from Poland to the offenses in the west to Barbarossa and the failed attempts to free Sixth Army and ultimatly there fate to the This was one of the best war time memoirs that I’ve read.


Manstein provides his perspectives of the major wars in WWII, from the early German successes to their turning point in Russia. About Erich von Manstein. Few of the people who’ve written about Hitler ever met victorries, let alone often. His analysis of the various battles and overall strategy made me wonder how differently the war and the world would have turned out if Hitler loxt listened to him, and the large waste of lives that had ensued because Hitler did not.

Therefore, I had to read this book when I saw it on the bookshelf of mansteiin local bookstore.

Erich Von Manstein Lost Victories

The first issue is that Von Manstein ends the book with his dismissal from command of Army Group South at the end of March Any Luftwaffe support was too little, too late. In November the Soviets launched a major offensive which cut off the entire 6th Army at Stalingrad, and destroyed two Rumanian armies.

Write a customer review. Field Marshal Erich von Manstein described his book as a personal narrative of a soldier, discussing only those matters that had direct beari Originally published in Germany inand in England and the United States inthis classic memoir of WWII by a man who was an acknowledged military genius and probably Germany’s top WWII general, is now made available again. One can’t help but believe that the Soviets would have been fought to a standstill and Germany may well have had two or more years in which to develop her jet fighters and second generation heavy tanks.

Don’t read this if you are looking for a factual based history of oost war which deals with objective truth about the events and the people but do read it if you want a first hand account of battles and events Erich von Manstein saw and influenced during WWII. Apr 15, Kris rated it it was amazing. As a result of the foolish attempt to take the major city of Stalingrad and drive into the Caucasus to take the oil fields there, eerich Germans in the south were badly overextended, and forced to rely on the sub-standard armies of their allies the Italians, Rumanians, and Hungarians.


As some other reviewers point out, v. Manstein succeeds in giving the reader a clear and accurate insight of every grand operation he was involved in.

Perhaps he is hiding something? Please try again later. Two, it is an intriguing, unself-conscious reflection on good people carrying out their tasks for the worst possible causes in this case, Adolf Hitler’s horrific vision of a Third Reich.

He had a distinguished career and played a crucial role throughout WWII: The German Generals Talk. Knowing the context of the writing it still was a fascinating read about the largest conflict in human history told by a man who was in the middle of events both on the battlefield and behind the lines.

Aug 08, Dennis A. By using this site, you agree to mansein Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

It would have also been interesting to learn how he finished the war and his observations of the final year of the war after his remo v.

Indeed, Manstein, from a military perspective chose the least worst option throughout much of the campaign on the Eastern Front. In this case, the memoir of V. His account is detailed, yet dispassionate and objective. It did not matter how many times the German tank units won, there was always more enemy to face on another day. Read reviews that mention von manstein eastern front lost victories world war field marshal erich von german army second world army group sixth army soviet union must read field marshall chief of staff marshal erich high command battle of kursk general staff invasion of france third reich.

But despite Von Manstein’s words that he emphasized all these things and emotions to Hitler, you never feel them and you have the mansteni sense that Hitler never felt them either.