Enter eBook. [1. S. W. Erdnase’s. The Expert at the Card Table. The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation. This version is hosted at andnines. com. “Free Ebook: Learn How YOU Can Become an Expert At The Card Table!” The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase is considred “the card men’s bible” by . Welcome! This subreddit is for sharing or discussing magic – close up, parlor, stage, busking, comedy, mentalism, or otherwise.

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We love having you, but when you only come around here to post stuff that benefits you, it looks fishy.

Frse filming guides for magicians. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Spectator asked to shuffle a setup deck. Composed of 12 individuals, we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training and playing cards possible. This book is hard enough to follow in a hard copy.

If it’s in public domain then it isn’t piracy its sharing free material. Is this like youtube in some sort of way?

Erdnase is probably dead now. You’re our number one Student-in-Residence!

The Magic Cafe Forums – Free Erdnase!

I had to switch to desktop version and use their non-Paypal checkout. CMartucci Find latest posts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Spectator asks to shuffle with a controlled card. SoulGrind Visit Homepage Find latest posts.

Jon Rice Visit Homepage Find latest posts. Originally Posted by Sir FansAlot. If you run through their non-paypal checkout it’ll recognize that the total is zero and will push you through on until the end.


Well, this is actually piracy, but since it’s on Erdnase’s site, and also since I have no authority whatsoever to say anything against piracy, thanks. Those should be stickied if they’re good sources which I don’t doubt since this is the defacto text that everyone should have.

The thing about this is that reading a book online isn’t comfortable, because the pro of a book over DVD is that you can go anywhere with it, and this kills this advantage, I have it but haven’t learned anything from it, for that I’d need to buy the book.

Erdnase and not his full name because no one knows his real full name. Can someone post a link to this pdf instead? Whether it’s clips from magic shows, other big names, or no names doing their thing, we want to see great magic performances. It was alright so I started browsing through it and found out more about the book and it’s many editions. Do you already have an account? Check out our house magicians!

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table

That’s why everyone says S. But, his writing style is so different to how the book is written people think it was written by Andrews then re-written by Professor Hoffman.

Free Sources for Magic. It’s giving me an error when going to checkout, but the links below in another comment worked. Mighty fine of ya.

We enforce a standard of common decency and civility here. Welcome to Reddit, the front erdhase of the internet.

If you’re going to give a compliment, give one! If you don’t see the option for non-paypal checkout, enable the desktop version on your erdnwse. We manufacture many of our own magic supplies, tricks, effects, and custom playing cards.


No rude, unhelpful, or trollish behavior.

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table | theory11 forums

They may not be visible by default depending on your Preview preferences. If you want to post articles, effects, videos, or links that you created, we ask that you are a contributing member of this community. In when it was time to renew the copyright, Drake could not do it because he never owned the copyright to the book.

I never said it was Erdnase’s official site. No need to do anything special, this is already available from frdnase current download link.

Discord Servers Deceptive Design – The goal of the server is simply to create a community of magicians who can apply their creative problem solving techniques to help other magicians master, create, or even learn their first effect. Royal Road – “retaining the top and bottom cards in position”.

Watch the funny and etdnase ways animals react to magic. No one owns the copyright to the book. Want to add to the discussion? Jul 7, I must say that it is well worth it to pick up the printed copy just because it’s easier to thumb through it.

How to deal with hecklers. You can read it online.