Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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The Looking Glass Podcasts mention the Thieves Guild books as part of their research and inspiration when designing the first Thief game. Tim Stellmach mentions it, he was the lead designer He’s to dangerous to let live. Are you equal to the task? Tadashi Theives owns the rights to the Gamelords lines, and has several Thieves Guild titles available http: In Thieves’ Guild 4you can be a member of the elite group thievves Guild thieves assigned to foil the Hand’s attempt to smuggle a rare set of enchanted crystal goblets out of the city.

It came to pass, in theautumn of the lastyearof the Reign of Meso the Wise, that Aript was visiting a village near the Troll Fens.

Phoenix Games Buy at Amazon Newer Post Older Post Home. Thievds there’s only 36 hours to complete your task! Just remember that it’s brains rather than brawn that theves need to avoid the forces of law and order, and the fiendish twists and traps that may stand between you and the booty that could be yours!

In the “Thieves Do It in the Shadows” ad the word rogue is misspelled. The staunch fortress of High Crag has fallen to him, and the orcs are looking for revenge after yuild of groveling before the other races. As he was returning to the inn from visiting a sick farmer, he encountered a bedraggled young lad who spoke no known language. And you are the ones who must go into the orc camp in disguise, of courseand make sure he doesn’t lead the tribes any further. Haven can be used with any fantasy playing rules system that accept the existence of magic, and assumes that a diverse set of races can live together in comparative and we do mean comparative harmony.


Can you succeed, before the grueling environment and sadistic guards send Drak to an early grave? In just a short time, he’s welded an excellent fighting force out of the scattered orc-tribes of the Peace Mountains.

A great ghild of gold awaits you if you are successful, and the vengeance of a thousand maddened orcs if you fail. This package includes Basic Character Creation, a separate book describing a detailed character creation system that features flexibility and decision-making by the player as he designs his character’s abilities, past heritage, and personality, both at the time of initial creation gameelords as the character advances.

The experience of exploring Haven permanently turned me off to dungeon crawls, which I found rather dull by comparison.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Thieves’ Guild 1 challenged fantasy gamers with a new kind of role-playing aid – a book of rules and adventures designed for a particular class: Both adventures in Thieves’ Guild 10 are designed gamelotds a party of intermediate to upper-level thief characters; the Bandit Gang scenario may also include fighters and other character types. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention.


James June 30, at 6: Thieves’ Guild gives thief characters opportunities to use a guilld range of thieving skills and abilities to plan and commit the perfect crime.

Both of these adventures are designed for an intermediate to upper-level mixed party of thieves, fighters, and other character types. So face it – if you like fast paced action, and strange adventures that can let your role-playing imagination run wild – you can’t make a better investment than this!!!

This glaring oversight makes the company’s entire inventory waste product. But Haven — unlike previous city gaming aids — is much more than just random encounters! I recall using the extensive equipment price listings to supplement the in my youthful view scanty wares offered in Holmes.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

Even fellow pirate vessels, to sail with at sea or to sail on!! Thieves’ Guild 9 – Escape from the Ashwood Mines. The original core rules set.

Geshyan, gamwlords wise and respected patriach of the order, spoke out vehemently against the election of Liodga, but the chapter upheld the decision as it had been accomplished in the ancient way.