Seals. Image for O RINGS. O RINGS. Image for ARTIC HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC SEALS. ARTIC HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC SEALS. Image for FFKM O. Artic is a wholly owned company of the Gapi Group which gives us another complete sealing solution for the Hydraulic and pneumatic sealing requirement. The RPS seal type combines in one solution two different installations and a full list which includes other sizes available please download our Artic Catalogue .

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The main qualities of the compounds ROLF uses for producing its shaft seals are: For instance, in cases requiring a seal against corrosive liquids such as seawater, detergent or acid solutions, a stainless steel spring can be employed, conforming to gspi following standards: Spanning decades of services to the hydraulics industry, and catalovue commitment to quality, Pacific Oil Seals excels in providing high quality oil seals.

This rubber is based on ethylene-propylene plus a third diene monomer which allows its reticulation with sulphur. We are also the exclusive distributor for Kastas hydraulic products in Malaysia.

The most widely used elastomer in most current applications. This elastomer is recommend for use with: In the PTFE segment, the production and distribution of semi-finished products in virgin or filled material, is integrated by a production unit able to offer machined components in different PTFE compounds.

At any rate, ROLF solved the problem by producing its seals with their outer surface coated only up to half of its height, as detailed below. The use of phosphorous seasl springs, while having the same chemical resistance as stainless steels, is not recommended because of the instability of its dimensional characteristics and the catalogie decay of its load capacity.

It also exhibits an excellent high- and low-temperature resistance, so that its field of application covers a broad range.

Catalog Gapi | Garnituri Hidraulice

Pacific Oil Seals have extensive knowledge in providing solutions for all kinds of industrial seals and sealing systems in a wide range of sizes. Corporate Certification ISO The typical fundamental components of a shaft seal are: It was therefore decided to use it only in combination with high-quality compounds, where most of the cost increase is compensated by the savings in elastomer materials. Therefore the mission to complete our program of Corporate Certification by the end of the yearwill be accomplished.


Its cost was considerably higher than that of a coated type. This is supplemented by a stabilizing heat treatment performed at a higher temperature than the operating one, which makes it possible to achieve: The qualities of these oil seals products are guaranteed with wide range of industry product sizes in imperial and metric measurements. This solution includes the following advantages: The spring has a function that is complementary to the fundamental action provided by the sealing lips.

The function of the spring is to counteract this tendency. Seals – Oil Seals. As a result, the original radial force exerted by the sealing element tends to decrease.

It is therefore recommended for: The entire discussion is destined for designers and users, as a valid support and guidance for selecting the most appropriate type for their specific uses. This solution involves coating the outer case up to about half of its height. The standard springs undergo a programmed bedding-in process which allows a precise evaluation of the radial force at the design stage. Pacific Oil Seals offers O-ring from the Gapi Group of Italy to meet our aim in providing the best quality products to our customers.

Pacific Oil Seals is the sole distributor for Hallite Seals in Malaysia with over 15 years of experience. Due to its chemical structure, it has a peculiar cataloyue to fluids such as water and steam and environments such as ozone, which recommends its use for: In the standard version it consist of a phosphatized, high strength piano wire steel to UNI or DIN standards.


The temperature effect actually determines, in the course of time, not merely an alteration of the rubber’s original characteristics, but also a decrease of the mechanical properties of the steel constituting the spring.

It is recommended for: This is for the purpose of cataloue it with certain properties, such as:. Today Gapi Group is able to offer a complete range of sealing gaskets in different materials. It is particularly recommended in case of contact with: Send your drawings for quote or call to discuss product or material design perimeters with our engineering department.

Oil Seals Distributor l Hydraulic Seals Distributor

Artic Seals has recently integrated its range of products with a new series of sealing solutions dedicated to the hydraulic and pneumatic industry. New Sealing Solution Catwlogue reference to the elastomer, it may be of an inner see par. The shape of the “rotary shaft seal” is shown in the figure belowe, which also supplies the recurrent nomenclature for the component parts of the ring.

Cstalogue Powered by I. The thermal expansion coefficients of elastomers are decidedly superior to those of metals see Table belowe. It offers excellent performances in contact with: In time, it has also been shown that in order to achieve a reliable seal, a ground outer finish and a finely machined seating was needed in addition to the use catalogje sealing materials.

What Gapi Group makes.

We are the sole distributor of Kastas, a brand synonymous with top quality pneumatic sealing products. In addition to the historical production of rubber O-Rings and parts as per plan, we can find a wide range catlaogue products starting from rotary shaft seals for all applications, hydraulic and pneumatic seals to seals for automotive braking systems and motorbikes.

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