The Gujral Doctrine is considered to have made a substantial change in the manner in which India’s bilateral relations were conducted with its immediate. Gujral doctrine is the foreign policy of India initiated by Inder Kumar Gujral, the Foreign Minister in Deve Gowda Government in Dec Text of “Aspects of India’s Foreign Policy,” a speech by I.K. Gujral at the Bandaranaike Center For International Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January

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InSingh sent him to Srinagar to negotiate with the perpetrators of the kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links CS1: Meanwhile, we remain committed to a free trade area in South Asia by the year if possible, and latest by as has been agreed to by all SAARC countries.

What is the Gujral Doctrine of India?

Friends, The turn of a century is a kind of natural punctuation mark in human affairs and prompts us to take stock of change that gujrap taken place. Gujral was a member of the Club de Madrid after his tenure as the Prime Minister ended. The global trend now was that all countries sought to cooperate with one another despite differences and disputes with only two exceptions, one in South Asiathe other in the Korean peninsula.

The last principle is an echo gujrzl one of the five or six principles of Chinese diplomacy that Chinese President, Jiang Zemin, unfolded in a statement before the Pakistan Senate while on a visit to Islamabad in December Traditional security concerns like huge standing armies, unaffordably high military budgets, issues gurjal to proliferation of nuclear weapons and development and deployment of missiles however remain unresolved. India was the first country to place the issue of apartheid on the agenda of the UN.


Almost gunral midway through it, we threw off the shackles of colonialism and awoke to freedom. Wit is an internationally recognized expert on Northeast Asia security issues. Prime Minister of India — Gujral himself later became Prime Minister. In time, we expect that the entire eastern region of the sub-continent, including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India would see a surge of development through cooperation in the areas of transport, energy development, water management, etc.

Gujral Doctrine

Secondly, no South Asian country will allow its territory to be used against the interest of another country of the region. India has always sought friendship with all nations.

One forgets almost the struggle and misery of the world of action. Janata Dal — Independent onwards. As Pandit Nehru said 50 ears ago and I quote:. The SAARC Chamber of Commerce organised the first SAARC Economic Cooperation Conference in November last year, to discuss and recommend possible initiatives on an entire gamut of related subjects, including trade liberalization, investment, energy, science and technology, telecommunication links, travel and tourism, business data networking, human resource development, women entrepreneurs and the social dimensions of business development.

What is the Gujral Doctrine of India?

One of its distinguishing marks is that it was launched without a strategic theory or plan. I am hundred per cent confident dctrine that. Minister of Finance — Farooq Abdullah offered his condolences and said Gujral was “a politician, a diplomat and a humanist who would be remembered for his many accomplishments in the diplomatic and political arena;” while Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers Srikant Kumar Jena said Gujral had an “exceptional personality, courage and intellect” and that: More importantly, it represented an obligation and a call to duty to stand up firmly for what was right and just.


The Basic mantra of “Gujral Doctrine” was that India would have to establish faithful relationship with her neighbouring countries i.

Retrieved 25 January E ven before the gujrap level talks have produced results, a soft thaw has descended on the long-confrontational relationship. Our friendship will also provide an anchor for the security and prosperity of the Indian Ocean region.

Gujral stable but critical”. During the Emergency of JuneGujral was Minister of Information and Broadcastingwhere he was in charge of the media during a time of censorship in India and was in charge of Doordarshan. Ours is a shared destiny on the subcontinent.

We did likewise on the crucial issue of global disarmament. We do not believe that any one model of democracy can lay claim to superiority or perfection. A peaceful, stable and constructive environment in our neighbourhood is vital for us as we pursue the goals of accelerated development for ourselves and the region.