Guy Kawasaki. Managing Director. Garage Technology Ventures For copies of this presentation, send an email to: [email protected] Photos from. Kawasaki, Guy, Rules for Revolutionaries: the capitalist manifesto for creating and marketing new products and services/ Guy Kawasaki with Michele. Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple Computer and an iconoclastic corporate tactician who now works with high-tech startups in Silicon Valley.

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Like those in the broader self-help genre, this sort of book isn’t entirely useless–there is some sound advice which can prove valuable to anyone, if they managed to graduate from high school without having heard it. He tells the entrepreneur that she doesn’t have a champagne-glass-in-a-toddler’s room chance of survival. Aku membacanya, gug meminjam.

What products would they like to see developed in what format and at what flr. Compare what you find in specialty stores to the mass channels: Viewing chores through Gail’s eyes has helped Whirlpool introduce significant product enhancements Here are more eevolutionaries examples of allocentric thinking Be Cool Air-contitioned banks Conclusion Don’t Let Bozosity Grind You Down Short-sighted quotations Technology and Inventions Computers Transportation Political Revolution New Businesses Entertainment Medical People Bozos Versus Bozosity I realized that labeling someone a bozo because of one quote out of who-knows-what context is a bozo thing to do That is why this chapter is about not letting bozosity, which can be a temporary affliction, grind ror down if you enjoyed this collection of expertology, be sure to read The Experts Speak by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky.

Create like a god, command like a king, and work like a slave. Ownership is important for an evangelistic organizationhow do you build a sense of ownership? The Joy of Pooping Information sharing the more information you give away, the more you get as people come to trust you and eules mutual benefits.


Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki

Creeping adulteration Death Magnet 8: I’d been familiar with him for a long time, but hadn’t read his earlier stuff. It will make you think differently when you are creating, break down barriers when you are taking charge, and pooping like an elephant when you are working like a slave. My job on this tour of duty was to maintain and rejuvenate the Macintosh cult.

Tiga tahun yang lalu? This doesn’t mean that when people say your revolution will fail, it will necessarily succeed No matter what people say, if you don’t try at all, you will never know So don’t let anything grind you down: The book wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I would recommend it for the following: Our product will be backward compatible Death Magnet 5: Thinking digital means using technology to look at real data, track interactions with customers, and mine for information to serve people better.

Dec 11, Aldous Sperl rated it really liked it. Please click the button below to make a donation through PayPal. Plant seeds, pull weeds, sprinkle feed, and believe. Thus, we should have pooped like an elephant and licensed the Macintosh operating system to others.

Rules for Revolutionaries is a kind of crash course in guerrilla marketing told in a friendly, happy, and sometimes zany way. For me, reading this book was a waste of time, most of its ideas and examples look quite banal these days. Empower Your Employees Empowered employees are empathetic employees. In their final, extremely bitter meeting, the expert tells the entrepreneur that this is why her company will certainly die:.

Hang with the Hol Polloi It’s not enough to show up in person You have to hang out with the right people This recommendation is a step beyond ignoring titles because it involves intentionally communicating with Joe Sixpack as an ongoing practice. Guy brings about an interesting perspective about how to create and market new products.


Jul 16, Terry rated it did not like it Shelves: Paperbackpages. This question is a frame, and I refuse to be framed. To go from revolutionary to visionary, you’ll need to eat like a bird-relentlessly absorbing knowledge about your industry, customers, and competition–and poop like an elephant–spreading the large amount of information and knowledge that you’ve gained.

Recognize this revolufionaries plan for it. When I saw what a Macintosh could do, the clouds parted and the angels started singing. At the time, according to the pundits, Apple was supposed to die.

Satu poin yang aku ingat dari buku ini adalah, “Eat you own dog food. Eat like a bird and poop like an elephant This is the third book by Guy Kawasaki that I have read and it doesn’t disappoint.

Two things that kept bugging me: So, how do you create something revolutionary? The Department of justice will therefore free Microsoft to compete in any manner it sees fit. Create, Command and Work.

To this day, 4th Dimension remains a great database.

Rules for Revolutionaries – Guy Kawasaki

I bet this book review will give you some interesting food for thought. This is the third book by Guy Kawasaki that I have read and it doesn’t disappoint. I find that business books walk a fine line between self-help and educational, where the latter is desire It must be reassuring for Kawasaki that, as parity becomes commonplace in lots of service-oriented businesses, there’s a revitalization of good, strong customer service to differentiate.

Refresh and try again.