positive expectation win bets. c div p er 1) 2) By the Harville formula (Harville ), the estimated probability of a 1,2 or. simple win betting ratios and the Harville formula). These indirect estimates would then be paired with the direct estimates (the betting ratios in the exacta pools). HARVILLE, D. A., “Assigning Probabilities to the Outcomes of Multi-Entry Competitions,” J. Amer. Statist. Assoc., Vol. 68 (), pp. HAUSCH, D. B.

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Discounted Harville – Page 2 – Horse Racing Forum – – Horse Racing Message Board

Last edited by jfdinneen; at A consistent, satisficing approach is sufficient. Sorry for bumping a very old thread to the top as my first post on the forum. I found it useful to use a 2D array for exacta prob. Hi John, Yes I definately changed that because I used your equation and then I also did each stage in excel seperately.

These are totally unrealistic assumptions but they do give reasonable values. It is mainly about the authors method of place and show betting which requires them to compute Harville probabilities. Harville in Journal of the Amer.

Correcting this way is formuula a sweeping assumption and is not based on any evidence – just unproven economist theory. My coefficients for place and show in my model are different than the. Also the Shin probability formula for adjusting for fav-longshto bias.


They also have a few academic papers. See the paper by D. All times are GMT Horse Racing Forum – PaceAdvantage.

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Contact Us – PaceAdvantage. Have I overlooked something?

Jason 37 2 8. Find More Posts by Dave Schwartz.

Looking forward to reading and contributing more here, some of the old threads hold a lot of value. Find More Posts by jfdinneen. These days it seems harvville more difficult because the money bet off-track is not added to the tote board until after you can no longer make a bet. Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location.

Best wishes, John Last edited by jfdinneen; at Email Required, but never shown. Michael, As you say, it harvillle not make any sense. However the sum of these probabilities does not add to one.

The most relevant one is:. Harvillf you are using is known as Harville’s method. I am getting a different result to you though when i do it manually and I can’t work out why. Each horse is represented by a ‘horseData’ object containing variables such as the horse id a unique number to identify the horsethe probability of winning Pwthe probability of finishing 2nd P2ndthe probability of finishing third P3rd among harvilel variables.


harville – File Exchange – MATLAB Central

I’m not sure if jfdinneen or mwilding are still about, or if harcille else can help, but I decided to try in excel the formulas jfd contributed so generously below. Find More Posts by mwilding Ugly multivariate normal integrals to approximate. Select a Web Site Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. All good so far.

I have the original henery formula which is very complex as I am sure you know but hadn’t beena ble to get the revised one, so thank you very much. You are now following this Submission You will see updates in your activity feed You may receive emails, depending on your notification tormula. I am getting a different result to you though when i do it manually and I can’t work out why.