The Ilulissat Declaration was adopted by the five Arctic nations with borders on the Arctic Ocean (Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Russian. “With the Ilulissat Declaration from May , the coastal States bordering the Arctic Ocean agreed to maintain the Arctic as a low-tension. The outcome was the two-page Ilulissat Declaration. You can download a copy at the Danish Foreign Ministry website: Conference in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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Ilulissat Two: Why Greenland and Denmark are inviting Arctic governments back this May

Soon, as the two researchers illustrate, the Ilulissat Declaration and the message behind extinguished all further pursuit edclaration an Arctic Treaty. The official commitment to the region.

The collection of information also helps targeting of relevant content, compile statistics as well as marketing. Denmark and the other four littoral states meeting in Ilulissat Russia, the U.

After a long flight to Ilulissat, the delegations continued to nearby Ilimanaq where they had a smooth beginning in the picturesque surroundings. Routes, resources, governance, technology, and infrastructure”. And even though that these verdicts potentially could make the disputes take a turn for the worse, it is something that remains to be seen. Archived from the original on All emphasize that regional cooperation within science and technology, and search and rescue is desirable and mutually beneficial; and as members of the Arctic Council, the states signed the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation in and the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement iluissat This served as an appetizer for the next day when the Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation — as agreed at the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks last year — will come into force.


This time around invitations have been extended not only to those bordering the Arctic Ocean but also to Finland, Iceland, Sweden and to the Arctic peoples. The moratorium, which will run at least for 16 years, will safeguard any potential future fish stocks in the Arctic Ilullssat.

Very different sets of international law apply at the two ends of the world, even if they are comparable in other ways. The conference was held in the small sports hall. Ilulissat is a small town with less than 4, inhabitants.

May we see many more of these in the future! Home Community Analysis Ilulissat Two: We can be very pleased that we managed to maintain the dialogue and the cooperation in the Arctic. Email required Address never made public. The Arctic order remains in flux as different actors continue to debate and disagree on the fundamental institutional structure in the region.

Due to the conditions we live in, our scarce human resources and infrastructural challenges the inhabitants in the Arctic cannot declration globally on many factors. Further, the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement suggests that it is doubtful whether the US will commit to agreements that acknowledges climate change.

He keeps saying that the Ilulissat Declaration is like French wine.

Ilulissat Declaration – Wikipedia

Newsletter Stay on top, click here for our weekly newsletter:. If declaratoin current militarization of the Arctic region spearheaded by Russia intensifies in the coming years, the chances for military confrontations intentional and unintentional increases and it could prove disruptive to the current collaborative regional atmosphere.


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That is why I, as the Danish Foreign Minister, think of declarqtion joint initiative. The Ilulissat Declaration was announced on May 28, by the five coastal states of the Arctic Ocean United States, Russia, Canada, Norway and The Kingdom of Denmarkmeeting at the political level during the Arctic Ocean Conference in IlulissatGreenland to discuss the Arctic oceanclimate changethe protection of the marine environment, maritime safety, and division of emergency responsibilities if new shipping routes are opened.

One of the chief goals written into the declaration was blockage of any “new comprehensive international legal regime to govern the Arctic Ocean”. The symbolism of the anniversary taking place in Greenland and the fact that a Naalakkersuisoq is co-hosting only reinforces the decision to prioritize the event. Professor in glaciology Jason Box arriving a restored building in Ilimanaq. It is always the weak. On the first day, sustainable economic development was on top of the agenda.

The Ilulissat Declaration has thus been essential to the success of cooperation in the Arctic. By signing the declaration, the nations committed themselves to peaceful cooperation and dialogue regarding the development in the Arctic Ocean, and to settle possible decparation territorial claims or other discrepancies within the framework of international law and the Law of the Sea.