The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a helpful tool used to diagnose a personality disorder. Order the IPDE from PAR today!. Objective: To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination (IPDE) in a psychiatric outpatient. The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a semistructured clinical interview compatible with the International Classification of Diseases.

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Int J Methods Psychiatr Res. Prevalence and correlates of personality disorder in Great Britain. To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination IPDE in a psychiatric outpatient population in Pakistan. Learning objectives Following the training, participants will be able to: Find djsorder by Muhammad Ayub.

Forensic Applications of the International Personality Disorder Examination (CPD event)

Analyses were carried out using SPSS version Rater one assessed 21 patients and rater 2 assessed 23 patients and they both agreed on diagnosis in 21 patients in total phi correlation of 0. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

September date to be confirmed. However, this is only a preliminary study and future studies will be planned in both community at risk populations for example prisons etc and psychiatric outpatient clinics with bigger samples and better methodology.

FB and FH received training to conduct the study, led data collection and did internationla entry, and prepared the initial draft of the manuscript. It is evident from the above mentioned results and discussion that the Urdu translation of IPDE is a reliable tool to screen and diagnose personality disorders in population of Pakistan.

Examinatio to the analysis, most prevalent personality disorder was emotionally unstable borderline type. The final Urdu draft was obtained after incorporating modifications suggested by experts following a feasibility study.

To ensure inter rater reliability two interviewers conducted the interview simultaneously, in which one personalkty the interviewers performed the interview and the other was the silent observer who however had the ability to ask necessary questions at the end of interview for further clarification.

The Greek study reported that Antisocial and Borderline PDs were perfectly reliable with phi equal to 1.

International Personality Disorder Examination

Background Information, Work, Self, Interpersonal Relationships with open-ended inquiries provided at the beginning of each section to enable a smooth transition from the previous section. MI helped in data disorded and interpretation of results and preparation and revision of draft manuscript and supervised the research project.


The IPDE was then administered by one of the two raters according to a preset randomized schedule. Fatima Bukharie 2 Dr.

Dr Logan has research interests in areas of personality disorder, psychopathy and risk, with a special interest in gender issues in offending. Urdu translation of IPDE is therefore applicable in clinical practice and has sufficient inter-rater reliability. The IPDE has proven to be a user-friendly and clinically meaningful tool for clinicians throughout the international psychiatric community. American Psychiatric Association; The page Scoring Booklet contains a scoring page for each personality disorder.

This training would also be useful for those wishing to use the IPDE in ijternational. The patient responds either True or False to each item and can complete the questionnaire in 15 minutes or less.

The IPDE will be examined in detail — an IPDE manual and a range of supportive training materials will be provided at this course — and case studies will interntional used to illustrate important points about the different diagnoses and potential problems in their individual measurement.

The major limitation of this study is a small size.

ICD has anankastic, anxious and dissocial instead of obsessive compulsive, avoidant and antisocial personality disorders respectively. It has demonstrated interrater reliability and temporal stability that is roughly similar to instruments used to diagnose psychoses, mood, anxiety and substance use disorders. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to test the agreement between raters concerning the number of criteria met.

As far as we are aware no study of prevalence of personality disorder was conducted in Pakistan. The use of IPDE findings in a formulation about personality functioning and its examinahion to treatment and harmful behaviour will also be considered, as will clinical interviewing skills relevant to the assessment of personality pathology.

However, this study focused only on evaluation of psychometric properties of the instrument and it examonation not intended to be an epidemiological study. Find articles by Fareeha Hamid. Sample size and more females in above mentioned studies are comparable with our study. A purposive sampling method was used.


International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) CPD event | University of Manchester

This workshop will provide those attending with training in the use of the IPDE. The aim of the current study was to test the reliability and the cultural applicability of the Urdu translation of the IPDE in Pakistan in a clinical outpatient population. FN conceived the idea and designed the study, supported other authors in drafting of the manuscript, performed statistical analysis and interpretation of results and overall supervised the study.

Support Center Support Center. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Using the IPDE competently assumes training and experience in making psychiatric diagnoses. The study was conducted in Lahore the second biggest city in Pakistan and the results might not be generalizable to patients from smaller cities or from the rural areas.

The questions are arranged in sections e. On the contrary, not otherwise specified PD was not reliable at all with phi equal to 0. World health organization WHO International classification of disease. Inclusions of only those who were suspected to have a personality disorder could be another source of bias. Imran Ijaz Haider 1 Dr. IIH assessed patients for the inclusion in the study and supervised data collection.

Personality disorders are associated with a significant burden on the individuals with the disorder, those around them and on society in general but studies of the prevalence of personality disorders Internatlonal have been fewer and on smaller-scale.

All these patients were independently screened by IPDE personality disorder screen. Patients considered to have a personality disorder were referred by mental internayional professionals to personlity research team without the use of diagnostic pesonality. The interview is the most widely used of its kind and is the only personality disorder interview based on worldwide field trials.

Please review our privacy policy. The training is therefore most suitable for experienced psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and those with comparable training who are capable of making independent psychiatric diagnoses or case formulations.