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The yield of amylopectin portion was 75 In order to convert the above amylose and amylopectin slurry into pure linear chain amylose. Forming and drying aqueous amylose solution into films. Subsequently the film was submerged in running water 25C to wash for 20 minutes. The film has a lower hygroscopicity and desolves slowly in water. Because enzymes that are produced by genera of Lactobacillus and Actinomycetes are generally heat resistant and can be used at 50 60C.

Accordingly the inventors evaluated methods to improve these disadvantages. The precipitated amylose was separated. Subsequent processings of the solution were performed as described in Example l-6; cooled rapidly to 50C added units of enzyme such as produced by Lactobacillus per gram starch at pH 6.

Sign up for a new account in our community. As shown in Table l. Thus the solution was cast on glass plate uniformly and film was formed.

One attribution to these characteristics is the easiness to form degassed film. The suspension was pumped continuously into a cylindrical gelatinizer equipped with a multi-bladedagitator and gelatinized by charging raw steam into the gelatinizer and heating the suspension rapidly to C.

Because their oxygen permeabilities are negligible. Now that’s some good news! The resultant was transferred into a reaction tank and incubation was carried out at 45 50C by stirring slowly.


As regards to film forming properties. The solution was cast uniformly on a metal plate and dried at C quickly. For industrial applications amylose starches which have high L- amylose content were obtained by removing the amylopectin content present in the above varieties of starch or by simply purchasing commercial amylose starch.

After removing the air bubbles by degassing or by standing. Especially as the S-amylose content approaches the 50 72 level a tendency for a sudden decline in the tensilities is apparent. The film showed a slight increase of hygroscopicity and a quicker water swelling tendency. Amylose preparations suitable for the formation of films are obtained by admixing the above mentined L- amylose or controlling the separation procedure in order to prepare material mixtures with S-amylose contentsof l 5 7r.

The plasticizer is preferably a polyalcohol such as glycerol. Go To Topic Listing Thirdwire: Here is interesting article about Superhornet http: Amylose containing less than 50 7c S-amylose and the remainder being L-amylose is produced by 10c enzymatically amylopectin present in natural starch into S-amylose and then controlling the content of S- amylose to less than iirm as described by varying the separating ratio of S-amylose and L-amylose.

Sign In Sign Up. Moreover separation is attainable by precipitation with salts. The starch suspension was heated and dispersed with orm under the above condition. The processes according to the present invention now be described. A lrm correction needs to be made.

Posted October 20, In addition the plasticizer used displayed its effectiveness by showing no change in quality even after 4 weeks.

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An amylose mixture composing 8 71 S-amylose and 😯 L-amylose was prepared. Highly soluble films are suitable for producing small bags for beverages such as instant coffee. All percentages and parts are by weight dry basis unless otherwise stated. Increase of the amylose concentration in the alkali solution was possible. Tests on the films resulted preferably by exhibiting no significant differences in its light transparency and oxygen permeability to those of the product in the preceeding example.


Each of the mixtures was dissolved in alkali. Atypically salt-responsive alkali-deacetylated polysaccharide produced by xanthomonas campestris. Because higher quality films compared to amylomaize films can be produced with amylose using common commercial starch, such as sweet potato starch. If I remember correctly it’s 9 degress from forward so don’t understand how it’s time consuming especially when you have the max file anyways.

A process according to claim 1 wherein said plasticizer is glycerol. Posted January 3, After holding for l 2 hours. The film had small bubbles and an inferior transparency; light transparency irj a little over 50 It would be nice if some of the experts here could correct it.

T-120C …

Substantially undegraded deacetylated chitin and process for producing the same. The temperature of the solution was adjusted to 30C.

After converting the starch suspension into amylose with the employment of a-l. The lower viscosity of alkali solution and facilitation of degassing and production of films with uniform thickness are additional characteristics. Thou it may be a minor issue, but anyone noticed the main landing gears are not modeled correctly? Mother liquid was condensed to less than one-half volume and the amylose which precipitated similarly was collected.