Isle of the Dead is a classic science fiction novel by Roger Zelazny. This book never really took off for me. It kept reminding me of I. Bank’s. Isle of the Dead [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Centuries in the future, Francis Sandow is the only man alive who was. Roger Zelazny’s Isle of the Dead takes me back to my golden age of 15 when psychedelic rock and science fiction both blew young minds.

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Narrator admits guilt for planetary genocide, via his “worldscaping” craft, in making a planetoid mass driver for use against the homeworld of an enemy species Both sexes wear jackets and skirts and sandaIs, generally dark in color. Dec 07, Stephen Poltz rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 23, Scott Jr.

Not Enabled Word Wise: As the two cross the river to the island they meet more of Sandow’s revived enemies and friends. See all Editorial Reviews. The time comes, zelaazny, when Francis Sandow must use these powers against the most dangerous antagonist in the universe: Being almost eternal he his so afraid of dying that he barely live anymore.

I had hurled something into the pit. Online 42 visitors Newest member: The story’s setting is foreshadowed by Zelazny’s dedication to Tony Hillerman and his heroes, Chee and Leaphorn.


Yet he doesn’t believe that his personality has merged with the ancient consciousness of Shimbo, that he really can call down the skies upon his enemies. When it started going, though, it was awesome. Harlan Ellison’s artists of choice.

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I will re-buy them all the day they are made available. Want to Read saving…. William Blackhorse Singer is hired to protect an alien diplomat, then enlists the assistance of a shape-shifter he captured years zeoazny.

Forgotten Book: Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny (1969)

Zelazny never entirely fulfilled his early promise -who could? The creature will only help on the condition that it gets a chance to try to trap Singer once the mission is completed. Sandow crawls away to find a “power-pull” energy nexus, so he can use its energies to summon his orbiting ship.

Jan 29, Malwae rated it liked it Recommends it for: Hess rated it liked it Sep 24, I read that too, but Isle stayed in the top position. I had done something, and I knew how to do more.

Isle of the Dead (Zelazny novel) – Wikipedia

Killed by alien cat. Humans are the pawns, the galaxy is the chess board. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In a supremely ironic gesture, he “gives Shandon the finger”, killing him and ending the battle.

The fantasy sequence The Amber Chronicleswhich started with Nine Princes in Amberdeals with the ruling family of a Platonic realm at the metaphysical heart of things, who can slide, trickster-like through realities, and their wars with each other and the related ruling house of Chaos.


Many of them are telepaths, and some have other unusual abilities. With that out of the way, note that Francis Sandow is a likable cuss with a tendency toward philosophical reminiscence.

In many ways I felt like it took place in the ss. Some scenes were pretty impactful though like the stuff with Belion. I don’t do the darker nitty-gritty stuff since I figure I get enough of a challenge keeping 4 kids alive and reading is my escape mechanism so when my brother was telling me that I HAD to read Zelazny, I put it on my wishlist and out of my mind until we were both at our dad’s house and this book was on the shelf that my dad I admit, I’m not a bit sci-fi fan tending to stick more to the fantasy side of that genre and even then, I like things with dragons and wolves and elves and things like that.

Mar 01, Ubik 2. Through Sandow’s narrative, Zelazny presents observations on 20th-century American culture and how it has changed as other planets are created or discovered.