JBL/UREI and Amps. I have never heard the above. Anyone have any experience with these amplifiers? If so what were your. Vintage JBL / UREI Electronics. Manuals · · · · · B Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), W into 8Ω (mono). Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Total harmonic distortion:

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When choosing your amps I tried to get amps I could stap easilly. They are a conservatively rated amp with a conventional power supply, four rack spaces and hefty at 60 pounds or so. The fan is very noisy. I’m thinking the newer fan will be much quieter.

JBL Factory Mods – Forums

This page was generated in 0. Thinking of using the ‘s in mono mode to drive dual H’s per side. The problem jb groundloops if mixing balanced and unbalanced lines.

I have a pair of amps and currently use them to power four BassTech7 ServoDrive concert subs that weigh in at almost a half ton. I hear that disease is called “Trigger Finger” Oldmics. The ‘s are a true watts per side with a 4 ohm load and sound great.


As soon as I went balanced between the amps and the crossovers all my ground loop problems vanished. Your Amp looks pristine. Ken, I use a and a in a bi-amp rack, along with ato drive one of my studio monitor pairs.

Also, wouldn’t you be forced urri go mono ueri quad? If you need any more sI know where a pair are for sale near me fairly cheap. I use adriving low end in a biamped Altec set. I had a line just for them in my electrical pannel. I reduced this amps bias down to mV. Factor that in if you are having them shipped to you.

The time now is The time now is Urri Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Made a big improvement in noise in the whole system.

Images : JBL Urei 6290

I would go biamped. Should I go quad amped with 4 way electronic crossover or bi amped 66290 combo electronic and passive using higher end amps? Experiment too maybe but that sure makes sense.


Nice clean sinewave and no crossover distortion. Gives you more flexabillity.

Anyone have any experience with these amplifiers? Originally Posted by speakerdave. I will not advise the for home use.

Building a custom pair of ‘s and am shopping for new electronics. Kbl is very high amplitude distortion, but it didn’t sound terrible, just kinda fuzzy. For years I have know that speaker distortion is usually much higher than amp distortion.

Results 1 to jbp of I suspect most would suggest bi amped with better amps? JBL’s own product literature states that the 62xx series are underrated as to the amount of actual power available. The fans were anoying and they sucked a lot of power when turned on. On the left channel the positive half of the sine wave was clipped about half way up, but the negative part of the sine wave was OK.