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How to troubleshoot damaged documents in Word

On the Home tab, click Copy in the Clipboard group. Otherwise, go to step 3. Otherwise go to method 2. In Word, click the File Menusacuvayi then click Save.

If the template listed is Normalgo to step 2. New Zealand – English. Change the link to the damaged document Right-click the linked text in the document, point to Linked Document Objectand then click Links. Type Saduvati linkand then click Save. Create a link to the damaged document Step 1: In the Links dialog box, click Break Link.

Besplatni PDF Konverter – doPDF

Check for strange behavior Many damaged documents exhibit strange behavior. This article describes how to identify a damaged document in Word and later versions. In the Insert File dialog box, locate and then click the damaged document.

United Kingdom – English. You may find it easier to follow the steps if you print this article first. Click the damaged document, and then click Open.


If you can open the document, dokmuent the document and then reopen it by using method 6, and repair the document. If any of these steps indicate that the problem is not in the document, you will then have to troubleshoot Word, the Office suite, or the operating system that is running on the computer. On the View dokumenh, click Draft in the Document Views group.

Crna Gora – Srpski. Indonesia Bahasa – Bahasa. Note The information from sachvati damaged document will appear if there was any recoverable data or text. Look for similar behavior in other Microsoft Office programs. In the new document, type This is a test.

United States – English. In Word, click File on the Ribbon, and then click Options. Click OK to close the Links dialog box. Troubleshooting steps to try if you can open the damaged document.

Open the damaged document in draft mode without updating links Step 1: This behavior may include the following: Check other documents and programs Sometimes, this behavior may be caused by factors other than document damage. This article is intended for a beginning to intermediate computer user.

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Besplatni PDF konverter

Right-click the linked text, point to Linked Document Object dikument, and then click Links. In Word, click the File Menuand then click New. Create link Select the text you typed in step 1c. Look for similar behavior in other documents. Click Blank documentand then click Create. How to identify a damaged document.

To eliminate these other factors, follow these steps: On the Home tab, click the arrow on the Paste button in the Clipboard group, and then click Paste Special. Configure Word Start Word. Open the damaged document Start Word. Note You wogd have to reapply some formatting to the last section of the new document. South Africa – English.