KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel. Submitted by Lo-epid on 24 July – pm. Title, KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel. Publication Type, Journal Article. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Schuifladetest van de enkel | Bij de schuifladetest van de enkel wordt de voet ten opzichte KNGF richtlijn enkelletsel. kngf-richtlijn enkelletsel supplement bij het nederlands tijdschrift voor fysiotherapie jaargang nummer kngf-richtlijn enkelletsel praktijkrichtlijn ph.

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The contributions of proprioceptive deficits, muscle function, and anatomic laxity to functional instability of the ankle. Low-level laser therapy in ankle sprains: Syndesmosis sprains of the ankle. Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Average age of the physiotherapists was 38 years, including two females. J Physiol Aug; Consensus diagnostiek en behandeling van het acute enkelletsel. Please review our privacy policy.

This may be a logical consequence of the fact that physiotherapists will usually continue treatment until the patient is recovered.

Parkinson Nekpijn Fysiotherapeutische dossiervoering Artrose heup-knie Beroerte COPD Enkelletsel Hartrevalidatie Klachten aan de arm nek enof schouder kans Lage rugpijn Meniscectomie Osteoporose Reumatode artritis Stress urine-incontinentie Symptomatisch perifeer arterieel vaatlijden Whiplash Enkelletxel bekkenpijn.


Clin Biomech BristolAvon Oct;15 8: Am J Sports Med Sep;24 5: Criteria for exclusion were injuries older than six weeks and severe trauma fracture.

Handig voor PA’s Uitwerking bevat de volgende onderwerpen: Reference list review of the evidence. Structure- and process-indicators are based on recommendations for practice and intervention, while outcome-indicators represent the results of care.

The effects of external bracing on joint position sense awareness for the chronically unstable ankle. Proprioception of the ankle and knee.

KNGF richtlijn samenvatting enkel acuut

What students say about Stuvia. Br J Sports Med Dec;35 6: Knowledge of adherence is important to identify barriers and to enhance implementation. Samenvatting basisfysiotherapie leerjaar enkeelletsel blok 4 kennistoets 3 Samenvatting van specificatie tabel basisfysiotherapie kennistoets 3 blok 4 leerjaar 1. Comparison of three different treatments for ruptured lateral ankle ligaments.

KNGF-richtlijn Acuut Enkelletsel

Am J Sports Med Mar;25 2: Chronic lateral ankle instability-inversion sprains: A critical review of visual analogue scales in the measurement of clinical phenomena. Am J Sports Med Jan;32 1: A first step toward implementing a multidisciplinary, evidence-based guideline. Universiteit van Utrecht; PW extracted data, carried out data analysis and drafted the manuscript. World Consensus Conference on Ankle Instability.


This guideline was updated in May and is not available in English. Clin J Sport Med Jul;5 3: Residual disability following acute ankle sprains. Data generated using quality indicators can be used for a variety of purposes.

meniscectomie – Stuvia

Conclusion Adherence to the clinical guideline Acute ankle sprain by a specific group of physiotherapists showed that the guideline is applicable enkellehsel daily practice and the results are promising for further implementation. Proprioception in classical ballet dancers. Proprioception at the ankle: Role of external support in the prevention of ankle sprains. A stabilometric technique for evaluation of lower limb instabilities.

Comparison of conventional treatment and supervised rehabilitation for treatment of acute lateral ankle sprains: Preview 2 out of 4 pages. Aust J Physiother ;44 3: Wobble board training after partial sprains of the lateral ligaments of the ankle: