The Showcase is Krell’s fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of. P/N The Showcase Processor must be placed on a firm level surface where it is not . Thank you for your purchase of the Krell Showcase Processor. designed to alter or stabilize the AC power for the Showcase Amplifier. Before connecting the Thank you for your purchase of a Krell Showcase Amplifier.

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The onscreen display is available on one composite and one S-Video output, as well as on the component output unfortunately not in progressive mode, just interlaced. suowcase

Room EQ consists of four memory settings that you can set for different conditions such as movies, music listening, games, etc. Right below the latter are the individual channel trim buttons, as well as the level buttons. This Krell Showcase amplifier houses an enormous 1, W toroidal transformer and 80, microfarads of filter capacitance, which addresses power supply issues nicely.

You put the microphone in the seating position, and the processor or receiver then goes through a series of tones, automatically making adjustments in loudness, delays, and frequency response.

Krell Showcase 7 7 Channel Pre-Amp/Processor Amplifier

This means if you want the DVD input to always default to 5. The Krell is a very accurate processor, and has a smooth neutral sound with occasionally slightly sibilant highs, and a fast dynamic low end. Be the first to write a review. There are four each of coaxial and Toslink digital connections. Whoever comes up with the best little chip for that procedure will make a lot of money. Job stereo amplifier. A really nice addition to this processor would have been the inclusion of an outboard microphone for the setup and processing features, similar to Pioneer’s new receivers.


While I always configure an SSP to my personal liking, the fact that this processor was already pre-programmed with some forethought makes it easy for the novice enthusiast who isn’t familiar with all the ins and outs of setup procedures, and just wants to start watching movies with minimum hassle.

The steady, potent drive of the Showcase combo’s midrange sbowcase a solid foundation for every type of music that I tried. Leave this field blank.

Since the Krell has an audible click when it switches modes, and has a rather lengthy delay, this feature eliminates gaps in the soundtrack that may result from breaks in the material.

Furthermore, there is an analog bypass option that can be used zhowcase any of the analog inputs. The combo’s agility was abundant throughout, not only in the transitions from loud to soft but also in showcasf lightning-quick left-to-right and front-to-back sweeps that make surround sound the experience that it’s supposed to be.

Show More Show Less. The four adjustable parameters are filter type, frequency, shape, and level. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition.

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Krell Showcase AV Preamp and 7 channel Amplifier Reviewed

Showcase Amplifier – Now, it was on to the Showcase Amplifier to complete the dynamic duo. The Showcase Amplifier can drive difficult speakers and fill a good-sized room with a large amounts of ,rell. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. It is also a very attractive piece cosmetically, and is rated at watts per channel at 8 ohms which doubles to watts at 4 ohms. As you might expect from a system with serious dynamic range, ample power, and a quick, clean shiwcase, movie soundtracks were an intense experience with the Showcase gear.

From the front panel you can choose your input, surround mode, and manipulate any of the menu functions. The soundstage is large and deep, and there is excellent air around voices and instruments, allowing one to discretely pick out different instruments in the ensemble. The amp can be connected via trigger to the processor.


It will save you a lot of aggravation.

No ratings or reviews yet. The bass region is very dynamic and fast. This is nice, since the Krell uses very high quality shoowcase which tend to be slow and noisy when auto detecting a format.

What Your Kids Need for Christmas. The display, like most Krell products, turns itself off after a few moments of non use. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables.

Krell shoecase have always been exceptional at this, and this characteristic allows for excellent control of speakers that are more difficult to drive.

The processor makes an audible clicking noise when switching between sources, giving a real machine like feel to the unit, which seems to fit its metallic, precision image. It does not feature Dolby Surround EX processing though.

This capability is extremely important, as it showcas you not only with fixes, but also access to new or changed decoding formats. The Showcase Amplifier has a high definition analytical sound. The textures on vocal recordings are excellent, with smoothness and delicacy.

Krell Showcase Processor Amplifiers

Your Audio in 31 Flavors As you would expect from a high end digital processor, all the requisite surround modes are covered, as well as including some that Krell has come up with. The Showcase’s inputs and outputs are comprehensive.

If you are in the market for a processor, make sure and look into this one, because I think it will make your shopping very, very easy. What Your Lrell Need for Christmas.