Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. On 14 August one-fifth of humanity. Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” .. Larry Collins Dominique Lapierre December BEFORE THE TRANSFER OF. First published in , this edition is a new edition of the best-selling book described as irreplaceable by Le Monde, Paris.

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Prime Minister Clement Atlee prevailed upon Mountbatten to superintend the end of Great Britain’s reign in India, and Mountbatten’s cousin the king added his support. Highly recommended to read if you are interested in British Raj, Indian partition and the massacre that followed, lapierr of course the Indian Independence.

Ordering the other 2 books of the authors Colilns authors struggle with the very larru idea of why some brown people wanted independence, especially when the British were so benevolent and wise, and give up and just talk about it like it was just something which was happening, no hard feelings really, except against Jinnah.

Famines, bigger than the holocaust – skip that, lets concentrate and talk about Mountbattens shiny medals and his big big parties! The book essentially is an argument against partition. Most had forsaken homes, businesses and belongings to save themselves from vengeful mobs. So on one side we have Mountbatten, working hard, inviting a few brown men to luncheons every now and then, working so hard, with hardly any help, just a few thousand servants, not much diminique all, and on on the other we have those spoilt little boys, Gandhi and Jinnah, needlessly talking about freedom and what not.

Among the other central characters are Lord Louis and Lady Edwina Mountbatten, the reluctant last viceroy and last vicereine of Midnifht. The writing is superb. Oct 27, Sanjay Huilgol rated it really liked it.

The amount of research that has gone through the book is reflected in every page. There were also many, many stories not told by this book and key players who were missing from the narrative, but that is the limitation of this type of history.


Be it Clement Attlee’s persistence in persuading Mountbatten to take up the most difficult job of becoming The Raj’s last Viceroy; Mountbatten’s own apprehensions, his numerous tete-a-tetes with Jinnah, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel; the division of Punjab by Radcliffe’s pencil on a map, the inevitable horrors on both sides of the new border; the planning and execution of Gandhi’s execution – everything was described in so much detail backed by impeccable research and most importantly, the story telling was top notch.

Views Read Edit View history. Little things like India having to bear the staggering high military cost of Empire don’t exist in the authors fictionalized world. It was the cow-dust hour, an hour as ancient, as unforgettable as India itself.

Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins

Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India. The authors interviewed many who ad there, including a focus on Lord Mountbatten of Burma. They will unlikely be as informative or as interesting to read.

A fine haze stood above the vast plain filtering through its screen the last roseate glow of the sinking sun. No one listened to his warnings; Jinnah turned a deaf ear, Nehru-Patel duo were eager to see British go and rule an independent country; but all of them were in for a rude shock when rioting and killing on a large scale ensued as soon as Partition and independence were formally announced.

Except for not allowing his personal plane to transport his Muslim countrymen out of harm’s way while he was dying. Open Preview See a Problem?

Freedom at Midnight

Lord Mountbatten could be a bit of a bully. The “rich indulgence of Indian kings” has been quoted in great detail, while the atrocities on Indian wealth and citizens by the British have been ignored.

Ambedkar – one of the authors of the Constitution – also feared the fate of that community in an independent India and converted to Buddhism on his deathbed as an act of symbolic resistance to Hindu-majority rule. This page was last edited on 16 Augustat The loss of life is epic and extraordinary, and any who read it will quickly realize that members of all religious groups in this case, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus are capable of horrific violence, as well as heroic This is a terribly difficult book to rate.


Oct 01, Viji Bookish endeavors rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this book! It shows you what it meant to be one M.

Paramount Pictures, which was planning a film based on the book, dropped the frreedom in fear that fanatics would emulate the scenario in real life. One possible reason for this lack of crucial details: Though they acknowledge a few of his epic mistakes, several bits of history are conveniently left out – such as the fact that the British largely created and fostered the animosities that led to pre- and post- colliins violence by promoting Sikhs, Ismailis, and Hindus as imperial agents and severely disenfranchising and terrorizing Muslims – representatives of the waning Mughal empire that the Brits conquered in order to take India- within a climate of extreme disparity.

Edwina Mountbatten was as hard-working and courageous as her husband, and she was more of a people person. A superb introduction to events which lead to the modern nation of India, but one should read other histories for some contradictory accounts. Here’s an especially evocative excerpt, from Pagewith Jawarharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi traveling together as independence neared and domminique felt the weight of all India on their shoulders: Some reviews point out that this book is well researched – I’m sure it is, but only in that section of frewdom British Imperial Archives which has been scrubbed of voices which are in any way critical cpllins British rule, or attempt to look at it honestly.