Er fasste seine “Erkenntnisse” im sogenannten “Leuchter-Report” zusammen, den der ehemalige NPD-Vorsitzende Günter Deckert ins Deutsche übersetzt hat. Dies änderte sich , als Fred A. Leuchter, ein US-Fachmann für Hinrichtungseinrichtungen, vom Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel gebeten wurde, nach Polen. Dachau camp for the “Second Leuchter Report”; Fred A. Leuchter and a prison guard at the . A Brief History of the Alleged German Execution Gas. Chambers.

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Plants with thick leaves are less susceptible than those with thin ones. The chamber contains the gas distribution plumbing, the gas generator with the bottle of liquid HCN, electronic heart monitoring equipment, two lejchter seats for the condemned and a gas detector reading externally, electronically to 10 ppm.

There are floor drains in the floor of the chamber which connect into the main camp drain and sewer system. Boston University actually offered three deutsxh kinds of such qualification when he was a student there.

Modern retorts also have a second or afterburner for reburning all the pollutants in the combusted gaseous material.

A consideration of the chemical analysis of the materials acquired on site. Rudolf, Rhetoric, and Reduction”. Mildew and dry-rot are not killed by prussic acid. Prepare for check on results. The Internet Archive is a bargain, but we need your help. An analysis of the acquired information and comparison of this information with known and proven design, procedural and logistic information and requirements for the design, fabrication and operation of actual gas chambers and crematories.

In order for Leuchter or Rudolf to demonstrate the significance of their findings, it is necessary for them to prove the necessity of Prussian blue formation under the conditions that the homicidal gas chambers were operated.

Der Erste Leuchter Report

Of the two chambers, one was not completed and never could have been used for carbon monoxide. This room, clearly, was not an execution chamber and meets none of the described criteria.

Fred Leuchter was this specialist. Untrained personnel or persons who are trained but luechter not yet leucjter a certificate may not be called in to work on gassing operations, nor may they be taken into gas-filled rooms. Leuchter’s opposition to the possibility of homicidal gassings at Auschwitz relies on residual cyanide remains found in the homicidal gas chambers and delousing chambers at Auschwitz. Additionally, other alleged facilities which only utilized CO as the execution gas were located at Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Chelmno gas vansthese additional facilities were allegedly destroyed either during or after WWII, have not been inspected and are not directly the subject of this report.


The filter insert is exhausted if gas enters through the mask.

Leuchter report – Wikipedia

They returned eight days later on March 3rd. Partitions and other methods used to seal the room which cannot be replaced quickly should only be removed after most of the gas has blown away. Zyklon B takes too long to evaporate or boil off the HCN from the inert carrier and requires heated air and a temperature controlled system. He admitted that he was not a toxicologist and dismissed the need for having a degree in engineering:.

I was forced to conclude at that time that only an expert in American gas chamber technology could finally determine whether the alleged German execution gas chambers were capable of having been used as described in Holocaust literature. One doorway opened into the crematory and the other into the washroom. Kremas IV and V were mirror image installations consisting of crematories of two furnaces with 4 retorts each and numerous rooms utilized as mortuaries, offices and storage.

David Irving, the distinguished British historian, has called the Leuchter Report a “shattering” document which was instrumental in hardening his belief that the whole of the Holocaust mythology was now open to doubt. Poisoning through the skin: Venting time should be at least one week. Krema J – samples 25 through The pseudo-scientific Leuchter report was presented as a defense document and was published in Canada in by Zundel’s Samisdat Publishers, and in … Codoh.

As early aswith the help of an American friend, Eugene C. No system ever was designed to use, or ever used, Zyklon B. Austria Belgium France Germany. Relative to the additional alleged execution facilities of Chelmno gas vansBelzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and any others, it should be noted that carbon monoxide gas was allegedly used.

The room is not sealed inside or out with sealant.

There is no vent or stack. The investigator has reort the facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, made measurements, taken forensic samples, reviewed design and procedural literature on DEGESCH delousing chambers and procedures, Zyklon B gas, and materials on execution procedures. This crude mode of operation probably produced an average temperature of about degrees Fahrenheit.


This area includes a breezeway, control booth and two chambers allegedly used as gas chambers. USSR womenRoma, etc. Original Certificate, not copies, inust be di splayed in a prominent pra.

The eggs of many insects, particularly of bugs and lice, are more susceptible than the full-grown insects. Routledge Cavendish,p. I think I was the first to point out that all studies of the alleged German execution gas chambers using Zyklon B should commence with a study of the American execution gas chambers.

Therefore, it must be carried out particularly carefully and a gas mask should always be worn. The interior of the building must be evacuated longer to allow the chlorine bleach vapors to neutralize the liquid HCN in the exhaust system.

These square metres should have been forensically examined immediately after the war by the Allies, but no such examination was ever carried out then or since.

Although at first glance these facilities appear properly designed, they fail to meet all the required criteria for an execution gas chamber or a delousing facility. Holocaust trivialization criticism Armenian genocide Serbian genocide Holodomor Rwandan genocide Cambodian genocide Srebrenica massacre Nanjing massacre. The paper strip may not show a darker blue than the lightest color, even between blankets and mattresses which have been placed on top of each other, or in rooms which are not easily accessible and which it is difficult to air.

Notwithstanding the sign at the door saying “experimental,” this chamber would have been incapable of providing execution by CO because of the need to produce 4, ppm the lethal concentration at the required 2. Showing that the delousing chambers have Prussian blue and that the homicidal gas chambers do not, proves nothing, if it cannot be shown that conditions in the gas chambers were such as to produce Prussian blue.

All four doors have glass peep holes and the two inner doors have chemical test cylinders, to test the air in the chamber. Construction was apparently red brick and mortar with a concrete floor and no basement. The walls in chamber 1 have the characteristic blue ferric-ferro-cyanide staining. The End of a Myth, despite the fact that the court rejected both the report and Leuchter’s testimony.