The Composition has ratings and 66 reviews. Q_Ayana said: “’Children aren’ t against anything,’ she said. ‘Children are just children. They have to go. Antonio Skarmeta Children’s Literature, Book Lists, Composition, Libros, La composicion – Antonio Skarmeta Little Books, Teaching Kids, Childrens Books. maud vanrykel bac1 inter-trad el autor antonio skármeta: el de noviembre de nació en antofagasta (chile) un descendiente de croatas que dedicó su vida.

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It could have easily been a diatribe against dictatorships but the author makes his point without lecturing. Daniel tells Pedro that his father is against the dictatorship, which is the reason why soldiers forced his father to leave.

This is an experience that is filled with emotion pa passion, increasing with intensity as the story goes on.

The Composition by Antonio Skármeta

Sep 24, Genie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read saving…. Although Pedro may not want to lie in his paper, he grows to understand the meaning of living under a dictatorship and recognizes that even something as simple as his classroom composition can have larger repercussions.

That said, the pictures are well done, using a plain libeo that captures the bleakness of the time period, abstaining form outline to get a realistic style with a While I think this is a great and powerful story with an age appropriate depiction of an awful time in Chile’s history, I think that there is perhaps too much text and too much detail in the story that gives a sense of place but would have made this much more appropriate to publish as a reader like My Havana rather than a picturebook.

It’s an easy and brief book to read, holds some funny and then scary moments, a brief description of lives for many children around the world who live under a dictatorship. The story line outlined how the goverment influences children,families, and lifestyles. His parents secretly listen to radio broadcasts that speak against the dictator. Or will he reveal that his parents are against the dictatorship? This book tells the tale of Dictatorship crushes individuality and safety of a nation of people.


Does he share with the military that his father is against it? This book is a very approachable book for students of an elementary level to understand the basics of a dictatorship and how that would effect the everyday life of the people living under that dictatorship.

We meet our protagonist, Pedro, on his birthday.

The text and dialogue is straightforward, written with a crisp, accessible tone. The Composition is a little wordy for a picturebook, requiring that the child have developed enough of an attention span to sit through the prose with selected illustrations, but limits the story to character development, description of the ligro, and then the main event without wandering off on to tangents.

Antonio Skármeta

Soccer defines his life, as it does for many young boys in Latin America. Pedro is aware that his parents may be in danger. Overall, this is a story that is worth discussing over. The story reminds us that children understand the world better than we give them credit for, and they can, in their way, help make choices for change.

The skarneta and gravity of the story is underplayed so that the events can unfold with increasing tension. The story ends with Pedro writing an “untruthful” composition in an effort to conceal his parents’ antagonistic resistance to the composiicon.

Pedro is skarmeya relatable character due to the fact that he is curious, loves sports, and wants to perform well when given the task of writing the essay.


May 06, Vamos a Leer rated it really comoosicion it. He also knows that the army police came and took away his friend Daniel’s father. Skarmdta hosted a television program on literature and the arts, which regularly attracted over a million viewers. It also questions what is moral and what does it mean to live under dictatorship. We can surmise from the omissions that Pedro has grown to understand the dangers surrounding him and his family.

I know many countries in South America are ruled by powerful leaders, but was not sure which ones have dictatorships. But when the soldiers come and take his friend Daniel’s father away, things suddenly become much more complicated. I think this story could truly speak to many students despite the different circumstances and lifestyle.

When asked, bribed even, to report his own parents’ activities, he must make a difficult moral decision. Illustrations by AlfonsoRuano are colorful and realistic, enjoyable with the story.

We don’t study South or Central America in 6th grade social studies, but this would be a great read during our types of government unit to help students understand how dictators rule. Unfortunately, this is real life for many children throughout the world.

Entrevista a Antonio Skarmeta

I read it aloud to my seventh grade language arts students. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Rather than unintentionally report his parents for listening to the radio and discussing political matters, nine-year-old Smarmeta writes that his family plays chess.