This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. Contents. 1 Practiced/ Practitioners in Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Joy. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Jon Escudero.

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I have never had the privilege of meeting him in person but from images, videos and different stories, he lighyning a tall man with phenomenal martial arts and athletic skills.

This is why I find it ridiculous when some people make grandiose claims of secret techniques and of secret interpretations of fighting moves. I was able to talk to GM Labaniego over the phone this morning. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thus, inthe senior students started to meet and plan out the directions LSAI would take in order to keep the flame alive.

Because of his background, Mang Bert has developed a very different approach arins the art of fighting scientiific the blade, stick, knife, or empty handed. Hey Brian, Thanks man, hopefully I’ll be able to make it up for the 25th. Took a walk around and found myself at the Wallace Collection.

lifhtning I was able to read it only last night. Do you want to add a disarm, takedown, throw? Seeing lots of growth in skill and understanding and that LSAI is developoing firm roots in these communities. This site uses cookies. We arns so that instinct and experience together can help up us in making life changing decisions. Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————find us at http: Wish your were there too Irvin de Castro.


Update as of 12 August The second topic was on releasing a trapped or captured weapon hand and creating the opportunity to counter-attack. Philippine Embassy Tel Aviv. Other activities include future tournaments open to all arnis clubs regardless of style, and sharing sessions in which both older and younger practitioners share and compare what they had learned directly from Mang Ben.

This allows you to execute a number of backhand strikes as well as charge certain attacks. This is an interesting drill to learn as it helps a student become aware of the various lines of attack and their vulnerabilities in close range.

It was the habit of these young men to go from place to place, seeking to learn from the best arnisa-dores they could find, and in some cases, challenging them to a test of skills.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..??? | FMATalk

Every year we take the club out roughing it… ok semi-roughing it. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: The core group also did an in-house review session to bolster the two-man drills and emphasize attribute development.

Log in or Sign up. Since its inception inthe association and style had grown in terms of membership. It is about the flexible understanding of principles.

Motions without purpose are just dead motions. September 4, in Ramblings Tags: Stance — The weapon is placed across the torso in a backhand chamber, thus closing the body.

Lightning Scientific Arnis..???

We could only be so lucky to have a teacher or mentor who could guide us all the way along this journey. For now, here are the Youtube videos I found: GM benjamin luna lema, founder of LAS is in that book. About the DVD, his one and only copy got lost during that terrible flood inOndoy. July 19, in Events Tags: Dojo Festival is an annual festival where many groups of martial artists come together as a little weekend community sharing in several martial arts related activities.


January 24, in Events Tags: You probably wouldn’t be able to find the book out of print. I remember seeing a slight, quiet man with a ready smile, working hard as one of the officials in an Arnis tournament last year.

Lightning Scientific Arnis | Lightning Combatives

This is understandable since it favors medium-to-close range play wherein ,ightning “body” needs to move or be displaced at lightnung first count of the step rear leg moves first rather than the body displacement which happens only at the second count in a replacement stepping maneuver front leg moves first which by the way seems more applicable to largo play or stikes aimed at the lower extremities.

WaltyrFeb 4, Of course downtime is awesome since the beach is so close and the lkghtning always good. All-in-all, it is a complete fighting system. The fine motor techniques should only have to be used if facing an opponent who can deal with the gross motor techniques and you have sufficient proficiency to escalate.