Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Locknetics Electromechanical Power Bolt Lock at Read honest and unbiased . The PowerBolt is a mortise, right with the HDB herculite door • FAX: • Visit us on the Internet at The PB PowerBolt is a mortise, right angle deadbolt with a” bolt and a” throw. It is available fail-safe PB or fail-secure PBS. PowerBolts install.

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The is non-handed and features horizontal adjustment to compensate for misalignment of door and frame.

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See page H8 for recommended battery power to meet specific job requirements. Typical applications include corporate buildings, casinos, shopping centers, universities and hotels. All components connect easily at the frame. If cylinder dogging is required there are two choices. Special backplate design for a quick and easy upgrade. Assigning a name to each reader locknehics site allows instant identification of the location of each HandKey. All monitoring is captured at the remote monitoring station — just as you do now.

Productos de la Marca LOCKNETICS

It is available fail safe standard or fail secure S. SM, TJ suffix Not impacted – Buttons: The system then automatically disables access rights at the end of the term. Unlike traditional wired openings that take days to install, Schlage Wireless Access solutions install in a fraction of the time.


Designed to replace Folger Adam WF Electric strike for use on new installations with mortise locks without deadbolt or cylindrical locks on single door, wood frame applications. Designed to replace Von Duprin or Folger Adam To assure the proper selection of an electric strike on new applications, lockset compatibility charts are shown on page I JB7 Junction box only.

Our customer-focused approach to security and safety allows us to assist you with campus-wide security solutions. CM modular locks will work with existing magnetic stripe cards or HID proximity credentials already in place in your facility, eliminating the need to issue a second set of credentials to utilize with the locks.

Locknetics Product Catalog

The mortise Shear Lock offers the advantage of a totally concealed locking mechanism, providing superior security and appearance. A10 Open Architecture Solutions Overview.

Unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and chains. Can be expanded to five 5 client licenses.

Alternate Action and Narrow Pushbutton Stile configurations are available. DS is standard, rated 24V, operating range from 2 ampere to 50 milliampere.

Accessories Electrical Power Transfer Electric Power Transfer provides a means of transferring electrical power from a door frame to the edge of a swinging door. Easy Enrollment Small 9 byte template means fast enrollment with minimum data storage.

Built into the device to detect when someone attempts to exit. Designed to replace Von Duprin, and The faceplate is drop forged brass. The central computer handles lodknetics hand template management automatically, allowing supervised enrollment at any reader and system-wide deletions.


SeriesPowerbolts Mortise mount electricbolts in satin aluminumfinish. When used with Von Duprin mortise lock, strike handing is opposite device handing. Lofknetics lower cost of the HandKey II now makes the choice even easier. Magnet is concealed in the frame and the armature assembly is surface mounted on the door with a Herculite door bracket. A5-A7 Wireless Status Monitor.

Available in two sizes: If only an audit trail is required, the PC need not be always turned on, because each HandKey lovknetics buffer over transactions. SS mortise lock devices are furnished with both signal switch device and SS mortise lock, total of four switches.

Advances in design provide low operating temperatures, making this Shear Lock suitable for use in the growing demand for concealed locks in wood frames. Select Lock Options Door Thickness: I7-I8 Power Supply Options. No network communication is required. When line power is present the built-in recharging circuit will keep the batteries charged.

The junction box is attached to an appropriate surface location utilizing four holes.