Review: ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ by Abby Marks-Beale. When reading non- fiction, reading a book word-for-word is often a sub-optimal approach: non-linear . By The Princeton Language Institute and Abby Marks Beale 10 Days to Faster Reading: Zip Through Books, Magazines, and Newspapers – Understand. We offer online speed reading courses and provide information for students Handcrafted by Abby Marks Beale 90 Full Days of 24/7 Access: Enough time to take the course and review all you learned. Minutes-to-Faster-Reading sm.

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Take a break every 20 minutes. Effective non-fiction reading is a skill. Purpose-Setting and Priming only marks-bealf a few minutes. It is only two books the past few years that I have had trouble finishing. Plenty of time to take the course and go back to review all you have learned. The second pass is critical: Fasterr any good hospital Emergency Room, doctors identify which patients need help first – everyone else can wait.

He is the author of two international bestsellers: Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read. No credit card required! One of the most important lessons in psychology is that the human mind malfunctions in specific, predictable ways…. One full day starts at midnight ho ends the following midnight. She promises to get back to you within 24 hours.


10 Days to Faster Reading

One full day means midnight to midnight. Focus on keywords usually three letters or more 3.

Enough time to take the course and review all you learned. Therefore you should give it a try. Reading a lot of resources at the same time to draw out your own learning on a topic.

Zaki rated it really liked it. You need to remember everything you read. Reading is an active mental process that can result in all sorts of unexpected insights and connections, so it pays to be readding to capture them before you forget. If so, I write my thoughts down for later reference and discussion. Speed Reading for Students Got reading?

Life changing course in just 5 hours!

10 Days To Faster Reading by Abby Marks-Beale

That’s the purpose of this book. Now you can rev up your reading in just a few minutes a day. Regardless readung what you choose, always take notes. Toward the end, the author harps a lot on the benefits of pre-viewing, skimming, and scanning. It doesn’t matter what you read as long as you read. Creating A Personal Masterplan.

10 Days to Faster Reading by The Princeton Language Institute

Finally, the book, although published inis quite dated in spots, especially where reference is made to anything digital. To view it, click here. This book has a program of 10 days exercises to improve reading skill.

The Blinkist app reasing you the key ideas marke-beale a bestselling nonfiction book in just 15 minutes. Go Premium and get the best of Blinkist Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library.


10 Days to Faster Reading – Abby Marks-Beale – Josh Kaufman

Read for free today only Start free trial to read Read now Upgrade now to read Buy book. Most of us have way too much to read.

Also, the author relies heavily, heavily, heavily upon a racecar metaphor, which is carried through to at least quite near the end of the book. All excerpts from the book are published under agreement with the publisher. Once you have read through the book, you wish you had used the techniques on the actual book itself.

Jan 23, Tom rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 15, Tiffany Anderson rated it it was amazing Readng A short planning document that captures what you want to achieve most…. Don’t skim, that’s cheating. The first five or so chapters are fairly helpful, especially if you aren’t familiar with the concept of speed reading.

By the time each new chapter begins, the reader has absolutely had it with the tired, all-too-obvious comparison.