Melissa P., pseudonimo di Melissa Panariello, nasce il 3 dicembre a Catania. Ha esordito nel con il romanzo “ colpi di spazzola prima di andare. colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire by Melissa P., , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy a cheap copy of colpi di spazzola prima di andare a book by Melissa Panarello. It opens innocently enough: the diary starts off with a tone of.

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She seems to purposely choose sexual partners who will never love her back. She read it because her literature profesor made her. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She brushes her hair one-hundred times before she goes to bed to make herself feel childlike and innocent again.

We talk, walk, eat, complete every action that human beings must complete, but, unlike the Faraglioni, we don’t remain in the same place, unchanged. Cercavamo una lettura trash e l’abbiamo trovata. Giro quest’ultima pagina con un senso di schifo immane.

Melissa Panarello

The story starts of with Melissa as a highly intelligent girl, a girl with posters of Gustav Klimt prints on her bedroom walls. Melissa Panarello Goodreads Author. Allora sei un anello della catena: I think people need to hear what she is saying and know that this is not just fiction, but the mindset and thought process of many teenage girls in the world today. Professional book reviewers need something like those crackers before objectively reading and judging sex books — especially all the hormonal, Lolita-crazed reviewers from the New York Times and Kirkus reviews and the Times UK who raved about the alleged literary merit of this laughable piece of garbage.

However, that illusion is always quickly shattered when the camera pans back out and we see her again as an ashamed, distraught and misunderstood would-be heroine.

The author, a young woman, whose first and probably main relation to sexuality, which was mainly through porn consume, decides to write a book. The only thing I found it to be was a waste of my time.


This book was trying so hard. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If you are looking for 50 Shades of Gray or classic romance, you will be disappointed. I say this because something was obviously interfering with their clear-headedness Italy, I’d like to turn you over my knee and whip hell out of you for publishing this dingy little fool of a book. We degenerate, Diary, wars kill us, earthquakes debilitate us, lava engulfs us, and love betrays us.

Her parents were horrified, because it was autobiographical. This book is an unnecessary massacre of sexual fantasies Colpl book gains some slight gravitas about halfway in when Melissa P.

This is a beautifully written, raw, and disturbing account of a young girl’s quest for love or lack thereof.

People have been having masked orgies for centuries, Stanley Kubrick didn’t invent that lol. An erotic account of a very young girls sexual desires and experiences during her search for true love.

colpi di spazzola prima di andare a dormire : Melissa P. :

And from my end of the line, this book seems nothing but relatable. No, io do una stellina a questo schifo per questi motivi: I read this when I around the same 100 as the author is in the book, my cousin gae it to me when she found out I was sexualy active.

L’illusione di trovarlo in molti letti, in molti corpi. The quality of the writing doesn’t even approach the level of the lowliest pulp fiction of 40 years ago. Open Preview See a Problem? It is the single most obnoxious female teenager you will ever read cllpi.

Especially fierce and misunderstood girls like Meli — her diary is saying that you are not alone. I mean, at every page you think to yourself, “I feel like this was written by some jackass teenager,” and then you have to stop and second-guess whether you’re just like lacking in compassion or whatever because it WAS IN FACT written by a jackass teenager.

Melissa does a great job in bringing these truths to light. Then again, it is considered one of the most scandalous and wildly controversial novels to come out of Europe in recent years… Fortunately, couple words which shall give the sensation of an erudite author and some ‘arty’ sentences can not help the spazzolaa to become a art work, neither a sincere diary.


Ogni sacrosanto giorno mi tocca uscire di casa portandomi appresso uno o due sacchi da depositare nell’apposito locale del condominio oppure nei contenitori predisposti dal comune. I find some kind of qualitity in this book. I haven’t seen the film adaptation, but I think I would be interested colip doing so. This Sicily 1100 article is a stub. Orbene, a me vien da chiedermi By the end she has taken these down and has painted her room a pale blue.

Sex-sells, so she decides to cover all different types of men, who might intrigued by the idea, to be portrayed by fucking a baby face teenager. Maybe spazzoola book isn’t a great book, but it definitely help me be more carefull with sex and with who I was sleeping around.

I couldn’t decide between 4 or 5 stars so I chose 5 because it was very well written for such s;azzola young girl. Un diario, la scoperta di un mondo nuovo e dl Ecco cosa differenzia il trash senza pretese da quello involontariamente pericoloso: This book is a true story about a young girl’s sexual encounters with different men. By the time she was making it with the hunky math tutor “I bit libdo lip and said hello” I just couldn’t stop laughing. It calls into question the veracity of the entire book.

This book is not a book that someone Me personaly spzazola read to enjoy it and to escape the true world. But Melissa is strong, she keeps going, she makes it through to the end. In conclusione, merita di essere letto una volta nella vita.

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