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I gave one of the chips to a friend who is an electronics engineer that deals quite a bit with eproms. PLCC is a type of ‘package’ for a chip. SST recommends designing thedatashdet the pad width always 0.

SST27SF Datasheet

Because there could be a shift in the types of chips we can use, is this something that seems to be doable in the foreseeable future or would these types of chips only work on the LM style computers? The only worry going form LM to SMEC is that the chip is big enough to hold a SMEC cal, but it’s hard to find chips that are smaller than k at this point, so that’s not really a big concern.

Plus the plcc chips are cheaper, and we all know that’s the driving force in anything TD related. This mode may be accessed bydevice outputs by toggling address line Ao. However, I could hold off on buying the stuff if I knew I needed a chip adapter, the newer style chips and a burner for the chips. The data bus is in high impedance state when either CE or OE is high.


In fact the person that answered said in light of the datsaheet they are now obsolete they have even more ordered for stock. MTP is a trademark of. It’s address line 14 that’s on pin 1 of the at28c type chips.

I guess my questions stem from whether or not I should just wait to buy the burner and chips once these types of datasyeet are usable. Seem to all be obsolete – at least in the pin DIP package we need.

27SF datasheet, 27SF datasheets, manuals for 27SF electornic semiconductor part

Here’s a list of mousers 27c chips- http: It’s just an Eprom, not an eeprom. No abstract text available Text: These devices will improve flexibility, efficiency. fatasheet

I don’t think leaving pin 27 on the eeprom disconnected will hurt it, since it’s the write enable pin. They have the 27C but i did not see the 27SF Looks like you can still get the 27c I 27fs512 working on an alternative is a great idea though as these won’t be there much longer.

OE is the output control and is used to gate data from the output pins. These devices are functionally.

Just as a side note: These specifications are subject to change. The split-gate cell design and thick oxide tunneling datasneet attain better reliability and manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. If I’m correct about the package they won’t work for the 2 adapters I had made up or quantum’s new adapter I believe. Just some background info: They do not require a UV source to erase, and therefore the packages do not satasheet a window.


And I couldn’t find any chips on mouser, that they were still stocking and not warning about discontinuing, that would drop right in. I’m not going to actively pursue the 28hc futher because Quantum’s working on some plcc adapters.

(PDF) 27SF512 Datasheet download

27fs512 Or people will be stuck buying used chips, like some still do with the at29c chips. Looks like a lot of the chips that we can use are being discontinued. So, it’s not only the type of chip but now we also need to be conscious of the package. I think, if it works, it may not be for the weak of soldering iron.

Anyways, I have a handful of zif sockets just begging to have the legs cut off of them and plunked down. Same here, last batch I got several months ago after just daatsheet couple uses they wouldn’t erase for me.

All the plcc dip adapters I saw wouldn’t route the signals properly for most of the easily available chips.