2SA Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon PNP Transistor Epitaxial Planar Type(PCT PROCESS), 2SA data sheet. 2SA datasheet, 2SA circuit, 2SA data sheet: KEC – Silicon PNP Transistor Epitaxial Planar Type(PCT PROCESS),alldatasheet, datasheet. datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors.

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Hope this helps you out. I think that for both sets of resistor values the latch will work. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Let’s say now B-E is mV. I can’t find a relacement or equivilent. I thank you for having responded to my question. Added You now say that you want to support a final load current of mA, and that the gain of Q4 is That results in Vatasheet Ohm’s law, the maximum R7 value is therefore 3.

I’d round down to the next common value of 2.

Changing R2, R3 will make the latch work or not. Since R3 only needs to react “instantly” on a human time scale, there is no need to make R3 small.


The RoboCommunity Webiste no longer accepts new users. You haven’t provided a datasheet for the 2SA, so we’ll arbitrarily assume they can be counted on to have a gain of at least Sign up using Facebook. Soldered it in and voila, works perfectly. Olin Lathrop I’m trying to make an accurate calculation, but I have little understanding of how to produce it.

First, let’s see how much datashwet Q1 needs to sink when on.

NTE12 – PNP Transistor, SI High Current Amp

The purpose of R8 2sa273 to make sure Q4 is off when not being explicitly driven. Here is the datasheet URL for this transistor. Email Required, but never shown. Log in to post comments.

Jax edited the first few lines “removed that is”. Something in the 2. OK I found it. The LED D1 is used as an example of a load. For that you’d have to follow what is shown here and properly fill in all the assumptions like the beta of the transistors. Let’s say we used 2.

Note how the suggested by OP resistor values aren’t that well chosen. Let’s therefore work backwards requiring Q1 to sink 2.

(PDF) 2SA1273 Datasheet download

So now you should be able to see for yourself what a good range of values for ratasheet resistors are. Sunday, 30 May I am assuming that there should be another one on the circuit board.


Instead of just poking at random values and asking what difference they make, stop and actually think about the circuit.

Once you understand what each part does, you’ll be able 2as1273 find acceptable values for them yourself. You now say that you want to support a final load current of mA, and that the gain of Q4 is The load is a unspecified LED emitting visible light. Sign up using Email and Password.

I’ve read that for the most part silicon tranistors are drop in replacements. Content is read only for historical purposes.

2SA1273 PDF – PNP Transistor – KEC

That sounds high for a minimum guaranteed gain, but I’ll take your numbers at face value. That shorts the base of Q1 to ground, turning it off. Also from what I’ve read, Ge transistors are prone to eairly demise.