Libram of Silver Magic, Same as the Libram of Gainful Conjuration, except for True Neutral arcane spellcasters. Manual of Puissant .. BOVD, Dungeonscape, Libris Mortis, Races of Stone* Archiving the D&D Archives. and. Libram Mortis. And they have Upgraded the. Ravenloft series, The Ruins of the Undermountain and Tomb of Horrors to Ver. as well. I’m selling my set of 34 DnD books. All of them are in great shape with only minor shelf Libram Mortis Tome of Magic Unearthed Arcana.

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Within 1 round of killing a creature, you may formally steal its life force.


I know its 2nd Ed but a lot of Dm’s I know still keep it handy and its not too hard to transfer over to other systems. Click here to subscribe to SWANews, or to manage your current subscription. Once again, small bits of the void incarnate class or at least of its spirit managed to slip in. By placing a hand upon an inanimate corpse no older than 24 hours dead and reciting black words, the bones of the body rip free while they shape into a weapon that the character is proficient with.

By nerfing Fighters, Rogues, etc. So I’ve decided against using the Bellator, since that would move to close to some other people’s themes. I saw you talked about making a Sublime Way influenced PrC, any idea when that will be up?

Shield of the Archdevil Abjuration [Evil] Level: Spell Compendium – Simply can’t do without this nifty resource Dragon Magic – Dragonfire Adept, some other cool stuff invocations, auras, etc Races of Stone – Deepwarden prc, Goliath Race and a couple other great additions Champions of Ruin – The feat “Craven” i believe is in this book, great for any sneak attacker Frostburn – Neanderthals, snow casting, snowflake wardance, some really good stuff in this book.

Under the city has the crypt were a lot of the undead and some constructs are stored. Likewise, the alias can only be found while you are using it. So I add it per level on top of classes or what? Who’s online There are currently 0 users and 0 guests online. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Was used to complie the Codex Anathema.


I already talked a bit about mine, so knowing some of your other concepts would be nice. Those who succeed on their Fortitude save take 3d6 damage but are otherwise affected normally by your cast and mouse class feature.

I guess if we’re requesting epic homebrew, I may as well get on the train just in case.

I’m hoping to start the game off before any of this happens so we have time to let our characters grow an get to know each other. Do not attempt to call anyone out. While acting as your alias, you effectively don’t exist for the purposes of spells and abilities like discern locationlocate personor the implacable retriever’s quarry class feature, though such abilities can find him or her if searching for the alias.

Battle provides the War Weaver PrC, which is pretty awesome. For the remainder of the time that they would otherwise have spent unconscious, the creature behaves towards you as if friendly. This invocation functions as the spell expeditious retreat.

Librim Eternia: Tome of Epic Prestige (Completed)

Other idea include getting an interesting race for him. While stolen in this way, the target is rendered mute and you may make use of this voice as you see fit. The clause that you’re looking for can be found at the bottom of the first spoiler in he first post. Cliche, but it gets the point across. Versatile Call [Epic] You are not limited to elementals and outsiders with your calling spells and effects. I was going to leave that as optional. I plan on her never using a water based mythos. This one’s hard to fit in this game, lets change it to doubling your level for the purposes of determining your leadership score.

Scepter of Good Slender rod is made of mithral, wreathed in a pattern of intertwining leaves. Now we have a nigh-unstoppable melee morits who wields powerful artifacts and who ljbram the very flow of the multiverse with his blade epic spells.


Looks like a ship — A Wondrous Item! Many beings across the multiverse steadily work towards self-improvement.

Undying Avatar 2 Benefits: All the usual limitations still apply hit dice limit, no spell-like abilities, etc. I started out working in IT fixing the usual — lost passwords, finnicky glitches, and other such annoyances. The bones rip from the corpses to form the body of the boneyard, which serves for one hour per caster level before it falls into a messy pile of bones and gore. Complete Champion – Some of the best Divine flavored feats, prc’s and some other nifty tidbits I never leave home without it Complete Warrior – Great tactical feats and some neat prc’s as well I consider this a must have liibram making a melee type Complete Adventurer – More excellent feats as well as additional prc’s Unearthed Arcana – Great rules for dealing with Level Adjustment buy-off and variant base classes.

Will need silly template stacking to not be too vulnerable. Shadow Form, Through morfis Shadows 60 ft. Should such a template exist, it could be acquired 13 times in this setup without any LA at lvl 40 – and, given how LA Buyoff interacts with the river of XP http: Also gonna make morrtis feats cost 4 points each if you go that mrtis.

Requesting Pathfinder’s critical feats http: Jokeing and laughing about adventures passed. How many gp is required to buy all wizard spells?

List of Artifacts

Each time you select it beyond the first, double the number of times you can use vision between recharges. You are a master of stealing what shouldn’t be possible. Such is the librak of eternal life that some monks dedicate their entire lives in pursuit of the necessary bodily perfection while others seek out artifacts of lore or resort to undeath to preserve their mind for all of eternity.