3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Low Poly Game Character [Gavin Goulden, 3dtotal Publishing] on. Köp 3D Masterclass: Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush: The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Low Poly Game Character av 3dtotal på We’re teaming up with the fine folks over at 3DTotal to give you a peak at a sample chapter from their latest ZBrush and 3D Studio Max book.

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When you are satisfied select thepoly furthest back in the new group and add acut from the corner downward as shown by thered line in Fig It is always worth remembering that it helps to have more detail around all joints as these polys are subject to more stretching and movement.

Now select the vertices on the newfaces and drag over to the correspondingones on the ear to patch up the hole indicatedby the green dots.

Add an Edit Mesh modifier on top of the stack and then go into sub-object edge mode as seen on the right in Fig Now all we need to do is attach them to theother side.

The next thing to do swogdmaster to simply manipulatewww. If you have followed the previous tutorial onmaking the torso then open that file and beginby selecting the swordmwster as shown in Fig Now in sub-object poly mode, select allof the right half of the head make sure IgnoreBackfacing is unchecked by including part ofthe left side just past the central line.

This brings up a dialogue box as shown in Fig This will now give you access to two verts wherer there was once one. This is not entirely necessary and may even inhibit a better shape when adding the curvature at the thumb tip but we are not adding much detail here so it should be ok.

Change the segements to 10 so it has areasonable shape and then delete the two endpolys making sure to swordmsster and weld the vertstogether afterwards.


You will notice a single triangle on the left but do not be concerned about this at the moment. This will create a new object which we can thenscale according to the one shown on the left.

It is a good rule of thumb that whenever you add more detail by way of copying edges or adding subdivisions you should move the new verts into suitable positions before adding any new edges. We now have a complete upper torso with a hole ready to build our arm.


3D total Swordmaster ebook – Blender and CG Discussions – Blender Artists Community

When we look at Fig19 we can see the underside of the hand on the left. Also add in a small cut indicated by the red line. You can d3total the variuos views of the mesh at this stage on the bottom right.

With the legs wwordmaster it is time to extend the arms. To fix this, copy the same selectedfaces using the same technique we have justused and rotate them around degrees.

The words you are searching are inside this book. In order to get a betterdeformation around the knee area we are goingto add in two new cuts which will help maintaina more consistent shape at the back of the legwhen we bend the knee assuming off coursethat we are going to attach a skeleton.

With this done it is time to seal the bottomof the arm area. In this first section we will startby creating a simple box and then moulding itinto the final head shape using the editable polytools.

The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush – 3dtotal Publishing

It is important with low-ply models that we have smooth transitions between polygons so that we conceal as much as possible the low level of detail. This will leave only the one further back on this section of the jaw. Well 3ds max is still number one in the game industry. As we gradually refine our model we inevitably add more detail but sometimes it is useful in low poly characters to actually remove unnecessary detail that can be supplemented by a texture.

Then it is just a case of snapping the verts to the line across the swordmastre and re-shaping them slightly. With the nose and eyes underway wehave just the mouth left to make a start on.

The extra swoddmaster can now be pulleddownward to form a more rounded profile andthe the one left of the center can be welded tothe central one to reduce the poly count. This will keep the new polygons as part of the head and not as a separate object.

So my question is – which one should i purchase – max version or maya? We can duplicate these extra two sets over to the other side of the face once they are doneFig03 and begin on the second row of hair which falls directly behind the swordmsster row but offset slightly to intersect with the front set Fig What we willdo for the hair is model the various elementsseperately and then group them together at theend and mirror them over to the other half.


Once this isdone simply move the new verts into positionsto form a mouth shape as seen in the image. There are a few verts here and there that could be tweaked somewhat to refine the shape but we have a reasonable head to build on. Chapter 01 SwordMasterHere are some progress shots from theviewports, and a render of the flat shaded withwireframe over. You can see in the image where edges in red have been turned to follow a more suitable line shown in green on the right.

3dtotal Publishing titles

Much of the modelling process will involve this procedure after which the new verts are then manipulated into better positions. This will openup the dialogue box seen in Fig21 with a pickspline tab in the top left. Detach theseand make them an element in the dialogue boxso they remain part of the main mesh and thenuniversally scale them up slightly.

I 3dtotql to refine my modeling and texturingUV mapiong skills on Blender well, then I highly suggest a book, or tutorial on blender. SwordMasterHere are some progress shots from theviewports, and a render of the flat shaded withwireframe over. Once this is done add a cut across thefron poly indicated by the purple line and thenmake the two triangles below into a quad.

The front, back and central section of the hair is now complete and all that remains to do is add in a group of planes that will form the sides. We can do the same thing to also form the upper back Fig Fig24 page 36 Chapter 03 www. Welcome to the first of an ongoing tutorialwhich will run over the next eight issues andprovide a step by step guide to building a lowpoly character based upon 3ddtotal model by Seong-Wha Jeong.

This will add a littlemore curvature to the thumb when we extend itdownwards eventually. In 3dtoyal you can see a large yellow piece ofgeometry that has been positioned. Now delete the two triangles next to it and create a quad shaded in green which will result in a row of four quads ready to create the fingers and the beginnings of a thumb.

Now that we have a rough shape to our head it is time to swordmaste in some of the features. Orinoco Orinoco Even if you have questions, consider the functionality, regardless of software, and consult the Blender wiki, or the boards.