The usual method of determining DRAM node is to take half the minimum WL or BL pitch. That places this DRAM at the nm process node. A 6F 2 DRAM cell with paired cells is described. In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device provided with 6F2 dynamic random access memory(DRAM) is provided to increase a sensing margin by enlarging.

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The DRAM array of claim 1wherein the work function for the dummy word lines is approximately 4. The capacitor is formed in the ILD layers 3 and 4 for the illustrated embodiment.

The array of claim 5, wherein the capacitors are rdam above the bit lines. The invention is, therefore, claimed in any of its forms or modifications within the proper scope of the appended claims.

Manning, the disclosure of which is incorporated herein by reference for its teachings and which is assigned to 6t2 assignee of this patent document.

It will be appreciated that other types of access devices 14 having a control electrode and one or more load electrodes dgam be employed. All three of the above-referenced applications are assigned to the assignee of the present application. The method of claim 22, wherein forming each of the first and second memory cells includes forming an access transistor and a data storage capacitor on 6d2 semiconductive substrate, a first load electrode of the access transistor being coupled to the data storage capacitor via a storage node formed on the substrate, the isolation gate being formed between the storage nodes of the first and second memory cells and being configured to electrically isolate the storage nodes of the first and second memory cells.


Extension Media websites place cookies on your device to give you the best user experience. In other instances, well- known processes for fabricating DRAM cells are not described in detail in order not to unnecessarily obscure the present invention. As will be seen in Figure 2 this reduces the horizontal dimension of the cell pairs and more readily facilitates a single contact 28 to the overlying bit line 18 for a cell pair. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

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Bitlines 20shown as hatched areas, also follow a serpentine path across the memory array 50but are typically formed much later in processing than the STI areas Media needing categories as of 11 May The gates of these transistors define dummy word lines such as lines 32 and 33 of FIG. The DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the capacitors are disposed above the bit lines.

However, there is sufficient spacing between the capacitors for the illustrated embodiment to allow the fabrication of the cells within the 6F 2 area for this COB cell. Method of fabricating semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory and peripheral circuit. Personalized health history system with accommodation for consumer health terminology. The method of claim 15, wherein forming second switch comprises forming a NMOS transistor having first and second load electrodes and a control electrode configured to accept a second control signal, the first load electrode being coupled to the isolation gate and the second load electrode-being coupled to a normal operating voltage.

Samsung’s 3x DDR3 SDRAM – 4F2 or 6F2? You Be the Judge.. | Siliconica

Contact 86 is surrounded by an insulator, sometimes referred to as the 0 level interlayer dielectric ILD. As a result, at least some DRAMs employing isolation gates between some rows of memory cells also use an arrangement whereby both the row of memory cells that includes one or more defects, and the neighboring row that is isolated from that row by the isolation gate, are replaced with a pair of redundant rows of memory cells. The array of claim 1, wherein the dummy word is coupled to a negative potential with respect to a substrate potential.

In both cases the wordlines do not have a transistor under them at every possible location that a transistor would fit. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

In one embodiment the cell pairs are separated by n-type isolation transistors having gates defining dummy word lines.

For the layout of Figure 2, bit lines are in a horizontal direction and word lines are in a vertical direction. Nonvolatile memory devices with oblique charge storage regions and methods of forming the same.


WOA1 – 6f2 dram cell – Google Patents

All the access transistors associated with a given bit line e. Semiconductor device including square type storage node and method of manufacturing the same.

In the step S 1the first switch is turned OFF. A word line is positive when selected and maintained at a negative potential when deselected. In addition, the computer system includes one or more tactile input devicessuch as a keyboard or a mouse, coupled to the processor to allow an operator to interface with the computer system And as mentioned, vertical isolation between cells pairs is provided by the isolation transistors which are defined at the intersection of the semiconductor bodies and the vertically disposed dummy word lines such as dummy word lines 52 and 53 of FIG.

US8519462B2 – 6F2 DRAM cell – Google Patents

The active region is the first to be arranged in a zigzag pattern in a line portion ends one of the first bit line to the active regions, each contact the contact part and the second bit line neighboring the first bit line active region 1, characterized It shall be. Here, F is defined as one-half the minimum pitch, 6g2 minimum pitch being the minimum line width plus the width of a space immediately adjacent the line on drsm side of the line and the next adjacent line in a repeated pattern.

Methods of identifying defects in an array of memory cells and related integrated circuitry.

The 6F 2 DRAM array of claim 1, wherein the first and second switches are each coupled to only one row of memory cell pairs. The memory device includes a DRAM array including a first memory cell, a second memory cell and an isolation gate formed between the first and second memory cells.

In a yet further aspect, the present invention includes a method of isolating a single row of memory cells in a 6F 2 DRAM array. This results in field oxide growth where there is no masking nitride.